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As it happened to MtGox this could happen to any other exchange, Bitstamp included. As much as you trust them, technical issues could happen, regulations might pass that wouldn't allow you to withdrawal from these exchanges. Who knows what could happ
A ripple Account is an entry in the Ledger. People typically have one account that stores their Ripple credits, IOUs and the trust paths granted to and from other accounts. Each account has an address and a private key
From MozillaZine Knowledge BaseThis article describes the known limits. However, there is always the possibility of a configuration specific bug or a bug fix for a lower limit breaking in a maintenance release. AccountsThere is no known limit of the
So you are basically asking whether the debug. log file mentions (records) move operations in general regardless of whether they involve transactions? If so you can probably answer better than I by searching your debug. log file, as I have never actu
There is a ton of bitcoin information, but it's hard to find up to date best practices for making webapps. I am very comfortable making secure webapps, and I'd like to start some bitcoin related webapps, and using a merchant solution like bitpay is n
We don't want two users both running through that same sequence at the same time, where both pass the "look up whether code is spent" check, then both accounts get credited, etc. .
Addresses are the public key of an asymmetric key pair An address represents the public key of an asymmetric key pair.
I was intending to answer another question, which was closed as a duplicate in the meantime, but I will use the case that was described there as an example to answer this question. Assuming the transaction is in fact a standard transaction, the scrip
Risks when publishing 'static' bitcoin addresses on the web (1/2) > >> swinewine:Hi Guys,We am working a web app that will involve giving users a bitcoin address to receive coins. I am wondering what are the dangers of publishing a 'static'
Addresses are intrinsic to Bitcoin. Amounts of bitcoins are moved from an address to an address (most of the time that is, there are other mechanisms). A transaction that transfers bitcoins from address A to address B is sent to the network and will