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Multisig can be used for it, but is overkill and requires P2SH to be usable as phrased. What you do need has been sometimes referred to as "EC magic". Both private keys and public keys are a sort of numbers which can be added, and the public key corr
TL;DR: Just read the second paragraph of "Concrete Numbers". Wallet Recommendation: Electrum Doing this in Electrum is very simple. Just switch to the Send tab and then (in the menu) choose Tools
In the transaction you just listed 1LS1h8UJFgAFqRsw8WqjszBdJWDQg3hj6d is both an input and a change address. Most of the transaction funds were sent to 187SRqCeXctTbfaqErNqUN5kDzv2PjHVeQ and the rest went back to 1LS1h8UJFgAFqRsw8WqjszBdJWDQg3hj6d wi
No, Bitcoins cannot be transferred to another address without connection to the network. Bitcoins are not actually stored on a particular device, Bitcoins only exist as claims noted in the network's ledger, the blockchain. What is actually stored on
Can't figure out the difference between Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Address? And what's the Bitcoin Client, please? Our article would clarify all these for you and you'll become a Digital Currency expert in no time! What is Bitcoin Wallet? What is Bit
This seems to be a few related questions in one, so I will try to rephrase them individually and answer each one separately. First it is important to understand that a wallet is just a place to keep bitcoin addresses, in the same way that a leather w
[-------------- Update: Apparently cash deposit at Barclays is no longer possible. Fortunately, Mt. Gox has a cash deposit method using Barclay's
The ECDSA public key is "included" in the new transaction (part of the scriptSig). Details This is an example output of a transaction (only hash of the pubkey is available): "scriptPubKey": { "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 059be22aadc3bef6b673cb7a16247a0b
There is already a question that ask why you shouldn't reuse addresses, but it's about whether or not it's a bad idea for the person who would do the reusing. I understand there are several reasons you'd want to avoid reusing (e. g