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After the heartbleed vulnerability, I'm concerned that my private keys could have been compromised. I want to send all my coins to a new address with a freshly generated key. However, if I just ask the Bitcoin Core client to generate a new address, i
What follows is an educated guess, not certain statements, and is based on Electrum's brainwallet phrases (just figured it'd be a good example), not other schemes or human-generated ones. No, a miner can't easily be tricked into doing it (e. g
The various approaches the core client takes are described in some detail on the Bitcoin wiki. Once you're connected to the network, your peers can tell you about more peers, so the big question is, how do you get the first peer? There are some hardc
You are guessing that even with 51% of the network hashrate, an attacker can still not benefit from invalid transactions. However, the usual idea of a 51% attack is not to create invalid transactions, but to remove valid transactions, as if they had
Bitcoin uses two rounds of SHA256 on the entire contents of each block (which includes a reference to the previous block) as well as a randomly varied nonce. When the result of those calculations are below a network-determined threshold it is conside
listsinceblock help returns: listsinceblock ( "blockhash" target-confirmations ) Get all transactions in blocks since block [blockhash], or all transactions if omitted Arguments: 1. "blockhash" (string, optional) The block hash to list transactions s
Generally, no, not until it's too late. A typical 51% attack would look like this: Attacker privately starts mining their own chain, which diverges from the main chain at some block N. Attacker deposits coins to your business, sending them from addre
I created a wallet in blockchain. info android app. I bought 0
More than a quarter of UAE residents have been hit by credit card fraud yet many cardholders still take minimal precautions to protect themselves against theft. After all, how often do you see receipts left hanging out of ATMs or scrunched up on the
Where can I find the address?The address you need to trust to hold Bitstamp issued currencies is available from the Bitstamp website, but as you noted, you must be logged in to see the relevant page. You can also find the address at https://www. bits