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How to calculate the target from bitsLet's start with a block-header, always 80-bytes that looks like this: 04000000b9e2784a84e5d2468cee60ad14e08d0fee5dda49a37148040000000000000000e9dd2b13157508891880ef68729a1e5ecdde58062ebfa214a89f0141e5a4717faefd2b
It's not Bitcoin Core that's taking up all the space, but the Bitcoin blockchain that Core needs to download, validate, and reference. This is because Bitcoin Core is what's called a full node. There is another type of wallet, called an SPV client, t
The full code for Segregated Witness was released on 19th of April, which to the letter fulfills the requirement. However, apparently some people had understood the first point to mean that it would be in production in April which was not the case. F
Yes be more patient. In the future you can use this app or others like it to determine an appropriate fee for faster confirmation: https://bitcoinfees. 21
In general, there are policies and there are rules in Bitcoin. Every full node works independently to enforce rules by checking each received block, transaction and etc.
Great question. I had to do some research to find out. Currently version is actually 4 bytes
There are a lot of people who are hostile to any new crypto-currency, usually because of their vested interest in previous currencies. They tend to audit any new currency's code, looking for things that can embarrass the developers. There's a very go
Bitcoin is completely decentralized. Most terms in use today "pools", "51% attack", "miner", "rigs", "stales" came about simply because they were adopted by most users of bitcoin. In addition to the IRC options already given, http://bitcointalk
The block chain doesn't report the IP address and the IP address isn't passes by nodes. Any entities knowledge of Bitcoin network is limited to the connections it has. If you get a transaction from a specific IP address you can't know that IP address