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This site provides list of known paying faucets and sites of cryptocurrencies in the internet. We have review every link that we list, so you can see that this websites actually works. What is a Cryptocoin Faucet? - It is a site, that gives away cryp
From what I can gather, there were a bunch of people who were able to claim auroracoins through the airdrop using SMS/Facebook based on various forums and social media outlets. In that sense the airdrop was successful. But who knows how many of the a
Here are a few I have heard of, some are in development some are already being used. whitepaper: http://zerocash-project. org/paper The road ahead The plan is to make an altcoin, powered by the new Zerocash Protocol, that provides consumers with the
With 100% premined coins, this means that at the time the coin start to be used all the coins are already sent to people. This reduce the inflation since all coins are already sent. One of the problems of premined coins is that it removes the need of
You can easily see it this way: a hardfork can occur in two ways: an update allows things that clients running older clients do not allow an update accidentally makes blocks or transactions that were already in the blockchain invalid In principle, th
The Bitcoin Block Halving is a central part of the Bitcoin system. Satoshi Nakamoto thought of a unique monetary ruleset within the Bitcoin protocol: as there are only ever 21 million bitcoins to be created in a decentralized matter, the rate at whic
Bitcoin was the first, the most well known and thus has the most network effect. The network effect is extremely important and there are examples were better technologies lost to the competition because of the latter's network effect. In addition, be
Yes, DarkSend is one specific implementation of CoinJoin, and CoinJoin can implemented directly on top of Bitcoin without a modification of the protocol. So no fork is necessary. The Darkcoin Whitepaper does not mention anything that would deviate fr