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The "author" (if you can call a blatant 1:1 copy of Bitcoin authoring) has not backed up those claims. The website provides no further explanation and a lot of vague nonsensical "answers" A crude but human translated English version of Russian homepa
Indonesia is one of the countries where no Bitcoin exchanges have much reach to just quite yet. Are international wire transfers a possibility? If so, most exchanges offer international wire transfers. About the only payment network that any bitcoin
There are several different implementations of the Ed25519 signature system, and they each use slightly different key formats. While writing python-ed25519, I wanted to validate it against the upstream known-answer-tests, so I had to figure out how t
Either you had a very good idea, some years behind, or you read about Litecoin and wanted to be answered with its name :) In principle it's impossible to design an algorithm that can only be run on a generalistic CPU installed in a normal computer -
Have you tried understanding why you have that desire? It might help you understand more about what makes you tick. You might like to try mining Litecoins, or even on the Bitcoin Testnet. Or, you could try some Bitcoin mining with the Eligius pool, w
This attack wouldn't work very well, no matter how much money the attacker had. Your question seems to be based on the assumption that transactions larger than BTC 0. 01 can always be sent without fees
I recently open Bitcoin Pie, a site that compares crypto-currencies. Given the exchange rate in BTC, I would like to add another column that tells "relative mining profitability", regardless of the hardware used. So, if at a given moment, BTC mines a
It will fail for the same reason other attempts to stabilize currency values always fail. The first time there's a crisis, the regulator will have to decide whether to permit the crisis or prevent the crisis. If they permit the crisis, people will re
Hiho mates. I got strange trouble with blockchain's receive api v2. Someone make transfer with HD temporary address generated by API
Introduction Transactions are the fundamental atoms of the Bitcoin protocol. They encapsulate a claim upon some value, and the conditions needed for that value to itself later be claimed. This article will discuss: What a transaction is The Transacti