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I don't know anything about this in particular, but there is nothing new about centralized cryptocurrency. Satoshi in his paper references the state of the art at the time, which is digital signature based tokens which have to be verified by a mint f
Namecoin is not really a BitCoin fork. It is intended to work like DNS, not like a currency. As to the other "forks" I would highly recommend you not take seriously digital currencies which lack the community backing of bitcoins, and are not heavily
Paul Kemp-Robertson talks about how non-government currencies are gaining consumer trust at TEDGlobal 2013. Photo: Bret Hartman “Is there a reason for governments to be in charge of money?” asks Paul Kemp-Robertson in today’s talk. Judging by the new
You should study the current alt-coins world: The most interesting alt-coins today on my sight are: The fastest way to understand what must be changed is take a source bitcoin-0. 6. 3-linux
https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Stamp_collecting Looks like something similar to nowadays events with alt-coins already were in the history of humanity
An investigation involving a group of university students has begun after it was revealed that they had been harassing a disabled classmate. Following a post by the victim’s father’s friend, the photos and story regarding this incident have spread qu
For bitcoin enthusiasts who are skeptical about inflation, fractional reserve banking poses a similar threat. As long as anyone except you are holding your bitcoins, there's no way to prove that your coins aren't being lent out at any possible reserv
It really depends on what happens to that original 85%-90%. If the developers really own that large an amount, they will always be able to corner the market if they work together. That idea troubles me, but I still buy Quarks because I see the value
BITCOIN115 — Free Bitcoin Faucets! What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no centr
This is largely what the sCrypt() based forks are intended for - both utilizing un-tapped CPU power on dedicated rigs or allowing casual miners to use their CPUs. At present, the difficulty on the Bitcoin network is so high that it's not even a quest