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In the U. S. , FinCEN just determined that decentralized virtual currencies are not like money orders
Hello Mt. Gox Users, Following the announcement this week from Dwolla regarding a change in their user policy, we are now obliged to institute Dwolla’s AML requirements for any Mt. Gox customer who uses Dwolla as a transfer method
In strictly hypothetical terms, I think you're over thinking this. You're doing it all wrong. Stop it
The bullet points you give are out of context if you read the Wikipedia article you referenced. The bullets refer to other activities that may require a form to be filed, but not the SAR. Transporting $10,000 in or out of the U
At present, ECommPay works with more than 100 payment systems, and new methods are added regularly. This enables our clients to open their business to more customers worldwide. In addition to the standard Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Cina Union Pay,