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ObservationsMt. Gox is currently offering neither fiat withdrawals, nor Bitcoin withdrawals. No withdrawals means that the Mt
Nowadays, Bitcoin does not appear to be as volatile a currency as it was before. However, its value can move up or down within a few minutes. Here, we will find out about Arbitrage, which is used by traders who want to earn money by taking advantage
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There are many different ways to calculate profit achieved with arbitrage bets. This page explains how arbitrage betting works and what you will have to calculate, manually or using arbitrage calculator, every time you place surebets. At first, we wi
I've just launched a trading app that trades on MTGox and TradeHill. I'm noticing something strange on TradeHill though. Basically I get my quote and place an order directly after
To answer your question let me give you an example of what some people do in order to try and take advantage of market arbitrage with Bitcoin. As you know, Bitstamp and BTC-E are two of the biggest exchanges that are trading Bitcoin. If you look at t
Make sure you are factoring in taxes and fees charges by the exchanges. Although, if you were to sell on localcoins it would be less expensive to transact in multiple currencies and you save on exchange/broker fees. But it is basically that easy afai