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I think this is a great question and contrary to many of these responses it is entirely feasible that you may need to explain these funds to either a regulatory body or law enforcement. Unfortunately, gov'ts tend to fear what they don't understand an
Bitcoin is very different in that noone can control the amount of coins. The system is limited to 21 million coins. Last coin will be minted in 2140
A nice post for Bitcoin beginners from the Agora Forum explaining the simple logic being the confirmation system of the Bitcoin transactions: Op can be found here: http://i4rx33ibdndtqayh. onion/index. php/topic,2905
The important answer is on https://support. mtgox. com/entries/20568322-all-eur-transactions-will-be-temporarily-suspended-within-europe-with-immediate-effect quote : "While Bitcoin at a European level is so far not directly impacted by this decision
The world's biggest Bitcoin exchange recently declared bankruptcy, with close to $400M in Bitcoins missing. There has been much talk about what may have happened at Mt. Gox, with speculations running wild
Loans have intrest rates that "create additional value". Given the limited amount of bitcoins, couldn't we realistically run out of them? No, you wouldn't run out of Bitcoins for the simple fact that they will always be traded. Your interest payments
If you're a developer you could start with some open source exchange software. Bitcoin Central provided this: https://github. com/davout/bitcoin-central
A Ripple gateway acts much like a bank. They compete based on trust, convenience, and cost. They hold other people's money
Bitcoin-Central is to-date the only exchange to describe the capability of an exchange account being integrated with a bank account. It will be a EUR account. There is no estimate on when this will be available
This problem isn't unique to India, but those in many other nations have more options. For instance, in many countries the P2P market CurrencyFair can be used to get a good rate converting to some other currency like USDs. Since neither CurrencyFair