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Is the random library used by the standard client in any way deterministic, or can one count on it being truly random? For example, often random libraries are initialized with seed value of the current time, like in C++: srand(time(NULL)); But if som
[Image Credit: futuremoneytrends. com] Only a few people know how Bitcoin works, and even fewer know who the people—remember Satoshi Nakamoto?—behind this cryptocurrency are. Now, a handful of Bitcoin’s core developers have reportedly left the projec
What is the best operating system configuration for a computer to run (bitcoind or bitcoin-Qt) and (BFGminer or CGMiner) under Linux, assuming that it will be connected to a 3 Terrahash mining rig on one side and the internet on the other side? What
but there is no indication what kind of signature it checks! (What are opcodes in Bitcoin? Well it turns out that the protocol has a really neat scripting system built in for building transactions. You can read more about it here. ) So in fact, I man
I'm looking at BIP0070 and also this forum thread which is locked for some reason; so I'll post here. When it comes to validating a certificate for the purpose of a Bitcoin payment, each certificate is "authoritative" for different things, such as SS
When I try to spend an utxo sent to a pay to script hash, with the script 5 OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY OP_DROP OP_PUBKEY OP_CHECKSIG I get the following error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. $ bitcoin-cli --rpcuser=bitcoinrpcuser --rpcpassword=bi
I run bitcoin core into testnet mode for learning/testing purpose. My client/wallet/node are fully sync, based on the "check mark" at the bottom right of the GUI-client. Via getinfo command I obtain : { "version": 120100, "protocolversion": 70012, "w
No, this is not plausible. It's technically possible to go through and create an account that has read-only privileges to everything, but that would be quite an undertaking, and there's nothing like that which currently exists, to my knowledge. The i
Debit card transactions that appear as ‘processing’ are authorizations that are on hold and waiting to be confirmed. Items that have been confirmed and settled are displayed with the status of “completed”, or “canceled”. Just as any other debit card,