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Either one of the factors may affect either balance: There is a double spend against one of your accounts Some transaction might not have yet been included in a block and one program does not see it yet There can be an error in one of the programs th
If you don't grasp the basic concept, imagine for a second that a network outage split the bitcoin network in half. I could send one transaction giving 30 bitcoins to Abel to one half and one transaction giving those same 30 bitcoins to Fred to the o
Murch is correct. There is no such thing as a sending address, only receiving addresses. The core application you installed created for you a private key, automatically
To understand Bitcoin Core, the best resource is probably the source code itself: https://github. com/bitcoin/bitcoin To help understand what is going on in the code, try the developer documentation and the Princeton Bitcoin Book. Keep in mind that t
Desktop Notifications Receive desktop notifications using the Mountain Lion notifications center. Local Wallet Backups Your bitcoin wallet will be saved to on your local machine in addition to being stored on blockchain. info's servers
I changed wording of the quote a bit, so it would match your question. When you connect to a client, you will receive responses on the port you just used to connect to that client. The Bitcoin network uses persistent TCP connections that remain activ
I am using bitcoin Qt version v0. 7. 0-beta and when I tried to send a transaction (1
Issue & Send Assets Presented here is a detailed use-case example, using the ColoredCoins API with NodeJS, for the following use-case: 1. Create a new address. 2
What is Bitcoin? In non-technical language, Bitcoin is a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a credit card or central bank. It's designed to enable users to send money over the Internet in a very simple and ef