Bitcoin Script Execution - Must end with just `true`?


All bitcoin transactions have scripts embedded into its inputs and outputs. The scripts use a very simple programming language, which is evaluated from left to right using a stack. The language is designed such that it guarantees all scripts will execute in a limited amount of time (it is not Turing-Complete).

When a transaction is validated, the input scripts are concatenated with the output scripts and evaluated. To be valid, all transaction scripts must evaluate to true. A good analogy for how this works is that the output scripts are puzzles that specify in which conditions can those bitcoins be spent. The input scripts provide the correct data to make those output scripts evaluate to true.

For more detailed information about the bitcoin scripting language, check the online reference on bitcoin's wiki.

The Script object provides an interface to construct, parse, and identify bitcoin scripts. It also gives simple interfaces to create most common script...

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Bitcoin uses a scripting system for transactions. Forth-like, Script is simple, stack-based, and processed from left to right. It is purposefully not Turing-complete, with no loops.

A script is essentially a list of instructions recorded with each transaction that describe how the next person wanting to spend the Bitcoins being transferred can gain access to them. The script for a typical Bitcoin transfer to destination Bitcoin address D simply encumbers future spending of the bitcoins with two things: the spender must provide

a public key that, when hashed, yields destination address D embedded in the script, and a signature to show evidence of the private key corresponding to the public key just provided.

Scripting provides the flexibility to change the parameters of what's needed to spend transferred Bitcoins. For example, the scripting system could be used to require two private keys, or a combination of several, or even no keys at all.

A transaction is...

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Transactions are the most important part of the bitcoin system. Everything else in bitcoin is designed to ensure that transactions can be created, propagated on the network, validated, and finally added to the global ledger of transactions (the blockchain). Transactions are data structures that encode the transfer of value between participants in the bitcoin system. Each transaction is a public entry in bitcoin’s blockchain, the global double-entry bookkeeping ledger.

In this chapter we will examine all the various forms of transactions, what they contain, how to create them, how they are verified, and how they become part of the permanent record of all transactions.

A transaction’s lifecycle starts with the transaction’s creation, also known as origination. The transaction is then signed with one or more signatures indicating the authorization to spend the funds referenced by the transaction. The transaction is then broadcast on the bitcoin network, where each...

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I have a fixation with algorithm complexity. When I was young I was an early optimizer, and, I must admit, that didn’t help me much in dates. Today I occasionally code a sub-optimized algorithm when there is no need for high performance, but it stills bothers me when I do. When I review code, it also bothers me to see quadratic complexity, so I pay special attention to loops. That helped my discover the O(N^2) hashing problem, and later the FindAndDelete() problem in Bitcoin.

Last week I began a research on Segwit scaling. I was particularly interested in the maximum resources that Segwit-enabled node requires for verifying a Segwit block. So I went again to review the code, and more specifically, the EvalScript() function. A few seconds later…voila! I came across two more quadratic complexity loops in Bitcoin Core. By exploiting edge cases for each of these two sub-optimal algorithms, I manage to simulate a Segwit block that takes up to 5.6 seconds to verify on a Ubuntu VM...

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Have you been looking for a Bitcoin faucet script which comes with a proper anti-bot protection? If so, you are on the right page to end your search. Our Bitcoin Faucet Script is stuffed with the features you seek to kickstart your faucet on the interwebs. Our Bitcoin faucet script includes marvelous features like robust anti-bot protection, anti multiple account protection, live chat and forums to enhance the user activity.

Bitcoin Faucet Script is safe and reliable, and is built for masses. The script is based on a strong and high performing framework, the same used at our other scripts; this makes code easy to edit. Expect reliable support and bug-less code to drive your next Bitcoin faucet to heights.

The script's highly optimized for faster execution, uses clean and secure code, along with a decent admin-panel for management of day-to-day affairs of your website. The script is fully featured and easy to use. The script further contains instant payouts (payouts...

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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

If you are new to Bitcoin, check out We Use Coins and You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki:

How to buy bitcoins worldwide
Buying Reddit Gold with bitcoin

Will I earn money by mining bitcoin?

Security guide for beginners - (WIP)

Community guidelines

Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link. Begging/asking for bitcoins is absolutely not allowed, no matter how badly you need the bitcoins. Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person...
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Project 2 Part 2 is due tomorrow (Thursday, 5 March).
Submission is by email, send a PDF with your answers to questions 5-9.

Keep thinking about ideas for your project. The first deliverable for the project will be a preliminary proposal due on March 19.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Note: due to a bug in slideshare's updated player, ink markings no longer appear in the viewer.

If you

download the slides

, they are present though. Hopefully, the player will be fixed someday.

Transaction outputs in bitcoin are protected by locking scripts, and must be unlocked by unlocking scripts. The scripts are written in a simple (compared to, say, the Java Virtual Machine language, but quite complex and poorly specified for what one might expect would be needed for bitcoin transactions) stack-based language. A transaction output is not unlocked unless an unlocking script is provided such that the result of executing the...

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In my quest to understand transaction malleability1 better, it became clear that one prerequisite was a thorough understanding of transactions themselves. What is a Bitcoin transaction? What does a transaction consist of? What is the format or structure of a transaction? How is it put together? This two-part post represents documentation of my probes into the innards of the typical Bitcoin transaction.

When I first became interested in Bitcoin I had looked into transactions in some detail, but I soon realized that a proper understanding of all the various ways in which transaction malleability can be effected required that I do a second, more thorough study of Bitcoin transactions. This time around, I decided that transactions are best understood if one attempts to build a transaction “by hand”. Clearly, this is not the first account of such an effort, but during the course of my study, I found that information relating to the task of building a...

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On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 17:38, Kurt Euler wrote:

> All


> A control flow question: Could someone advise if there is command to end =

Ruby scripts operation? For example, if a certain condition is true, then t=
he script should terminate?

if condition?

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-----END PGP...

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See on Github

Script is a simple scripting language, as well as the core of Bitcoin transaction processing. If you ever wrote assembly code you’ll find this article very easy to understand –probably entertaining–, otherwise it might well be one of the most challenging. Keep focused!

Meet machine code

A script is a computer program, and as a programmer you certainly know what a program is. A program takes an input, executes for some time, then returns an output. Programming languages are our tool to write programs that computers will understand, because most languages come with compilers that map human-friendly code to CPU operations, also known as opcodes.


Opcodes include memory manipulation, math, loops, function calls and everything you find in procedural programming languages like C. They make up the spoken language of a CPU, the so-called machine code. Since bytes are computers’ preferred idiom, no wonder opcodes are bytes...

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According to Example 2: Escrow and dispute mediation there is a possibility to create escrow transactions. Also there is BIP 16, which introduces a pay-to-script-hash mechanism.

According to these documents, as i understand, i must follow these steps to process an escrow transaction between three participants:

Each of those three participants creates a new address by executing rpc "getnewaddress". Then everybody must validate their addresses by executing "validateaddress" and get a pubkey.

Then we must create a multisig adress by executing the rpc method "createmultisig" with three pubkeys as parameters, like this:

bitcoind createmultisig 2 '["pubkey1","pubkey2","pubkey3"]'

Then we create a transaction to put some coins to this multisig address:

bitcoind createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"my some txid","vout":0}]' '{"created multisig address":0.001}'

After that we must decode our created transaction by executing "decoderawtransaction" to...

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a developer for blockchain applications, or you’re just looking to understand what happens under the hood when you send bitcoin to a friend, it’s good to have a working knowledge of what happens when you create and broadcast Bitcoin transactions to the Bitcoin network. Why?

Because transactions are a basic entity on top of which the bitcoin blockchain is constructed. Transactions are the result of a brilliant collision of cryptography, data structures, and simple non-turing-complete scripting. They’re simple enough that common transaction types aren’t overly-complex, but flexible enough to allow developers to encode fairly customized transactions types as well. Today we’ll take a tour of the former.

As a developer, how does your bitcoin client post a new transaction to the network (and what happens when it’s received)?

What exactly is happening when you send some bitcoin to a friend?

This post will assume that the...

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Bitcoin has definitely started to become more mainstream, and with it is global reach and minimal fees, it is a payment method worth considering. In this post, we have collected more than 10 Best Bitcoin PHP Scripts 2016 for you to integrate Bitcoin in an online store.

If you are finding a simple way to create a Bitcoin tool or Bitcoin Ticker for your website so you are right place.


BitcoinLive is a beautiful bitcoin price and trade information built with PHP script, BitcoinLive can updates all info in realtime such as Bitcoin price ticker and Bitcoin trade offers. With fully responsive design template BitcoinLive work well with all Mobile devices. You can config Advertisements, Currencies (USD/EUR/RUR), Fetch rate and Bitcoin donations in back-end functions.


Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator is fully responsive Bitcoin PHP Script allows you to create your very own bitcoin...

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The Apps Script Execution API consists of a single scripts resource, which has a single method, run, that makes calls to specific Apps Script functions. The run method must be given the following information when called:

In addition, the run method can also be provided:

A development mode boolean that, if true, causes the API to always execute the most recently saved version of the script, rather than the most recently published version. Only the owner of the script can execute it in development mode.


In order for the run method to call an Apps Script function, the following must be true:

The Apps Script project containing the function must be deployed as an API executable. Projects can be deployed, undeployed and redeployed as needed. It is also possible to deploy a specific version of a project to, for example, release a stable version while continuing to develop the next version.

The calling application must supply the...

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This page is intended to formalize the discussion around an important but currently underserved use-case (in both spec and various browser implementations): the need for a dynamic script loading facility that can download resources in parallel but ensure that they execute serially in insertion order, for dependency reasons.

*Update: The main proposal listed here, also known as "async=false", was recently officially adopted by Ian Hixie into the HTML Specification. Getify 00:31, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

A long email thread on the W3C public-html list, which began here and for which a recent message is here, has been discussing this problem, but the email thread is becoming unruly and hard to track, so this wiki page will now be the official location to discuss the topic.

Briefly, this issue has arisen because recent "nightlies" changes in both Mozilla Gecko and Webkit have broken the ability for script-loaders like LABjs to be able to download scripts in parallel...

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Last week on the train back to my parents’ place for Christmas I decided to follow @wmougayar’s example and read a couple of landmark Bitcoin and cryptocurrency papers. If you’re interested, William’s list is here and includes an interesting cross section of topics. Out of the list, Satoshi’s original paper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System helped clarify the specifics of how Bitcoin works and why it has potential to be incredibly important. At nine pages including graphics and footnotes it’s both short and accessible so if you’re on the fence just go read it.

After reading the paper and following down the Bitcoin wiki rabbit hole I rediscovered the Script page on the Bitcoin wiki. Disregarding some cases, one of the key features of a blockchain is that new transactions must contain inputs from a previous transaction. With Bitcoin specifically, in order to use the output of a previous transaction you need to supply inputs that cause the previous output’s...

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Bitsler Script is used to earn free Bitcoin. I will be going straight to the target now, you actually opened up this post to learn and earn as much as possible Bitcoin you can, and you are perfectly on track. All you need for this trick is a PC, you can use a smartphone also but it might not look comfortable to operate.

All you need for this trick is a PC, you can use a smartphone also but it might not look comfortable to operate. If you have that and an internet connection, you are good to earn free bitcoin with Bitsler Script.


This is not a bot method. This is not hacking/exploiting. More of a Satoshi mine. Premiumbitcoin betting bot. Working working free bitcoin strategy.

Steps to earn with bitsler script bot:

Step 1: Go and register here at Bitsler. You only register with a username but make sure, you add email and password, after registration! by clicking the Account Tab. You will be given 0.000000300 BTC to start with.

Step 2:...

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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and conditions of our "Software Product" is a legal agreement between the client (an individual or a legal entity) and Owner of the product (Osiz Technologies Private Ltd), we license it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. The terms of software license agreements may vary depending upon the specific software product and version that you licensed from Osiz Technologies Private Limited.

Accepting these Terms of Use (TOU)

Osiz Technologies P LTD Software Packages having the set of codes, pages, media, printed materials and "online" or electronic documentation, such as administration and installation manual and layout customization guidelines . You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Osiz Technologies Private Limited by purchasing, installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using ANY of the Osiz Technologies Private Limited Software packages and any other relevant terms and...

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After creating a faucet website it’s very hard to maintain it . Creating a faucet does not take more then 5-10 minutes but marketing of faucet and then maintaining it for a long term is very hard job.

Daily many faucets are created , I can see every day 4-5 new threads with “ANN” tag are posted by users in bitcointalk forum to intoroduce their new faucet site with public but how many faucets last long or servive a better life ? I know most faucets dies within a week or a month . I think you should read some tips about how to maintain a faucet site .

Most faucet websites get closed because of cheaters or bot attacks . Cheaters claim multiple times with different ip address breaking the rule of your faucet timer or they may use automated software (bot) to claim free satoshi from your faucet in both case you’ll lose money from your pocket and cheaters or bot users will drain your pocket (bitcoin balance) .Through this post I want to share few tips about how to protect...

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The ones who are working on big salesforce projects run out of script statements in many apex executions. This post tries to cover some tips tricks to reduce the apex script statement without much changing the code. Some common hits and myths around “What is really a script statement” are revealed.

What is an Apex script statement ?

Its any coded instruction that performs an action. In Apex, statements must end with a semicolon and can be one of the following types:

Assignment, such as assigning a value to a variable Conditional (if-else) Loops Do-while While For Locking Data Manipulation Language (DML) Transaction Control Method Invoking Exception Handling

for ex.

if (true) { System.debug('true'); } else { System.debug('false'); } //NOTE: Above code is just 1 script statement, NOT 2 ! //Though there are two expressions executed here, one is IF condition and second is debug.

What gets counted into Apex script...

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JL Script is enhanced script language what is developed by me that makes easy to create advanced strategies.
There available full featured JavaScript support and JL Script specific methods.

You can write JL Script code using Qt Bitcoin Trader (Download for Mac, Linux, Windows).

All JL Script specific methods are starting with "trader" command, and it can be three types of usage, Events, Functions and Commands. Example of usual method is trader.get("LastPrice") what return last market price instantly.


Event is a function that linked to indicator and it executing every time indicator value changes.
Structure of event function starts with command "trader.on(", next is name of indicator and end of the method is ").changed()".
So example of event usage is:

//Your code here

Each event does have internal variables what is works only inside of event: symbol, name,...

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Hi, my name is Dan liron I am an programmer that want's to earn money online. so i got really into the cryptocurrenty BITCOIN, I made somehing that change the way you look up against it! you can earn money by mining but it cost a lot of investment. so i saw some gambling bots but they were slow and old i decieded i make a new fresh one! it will gamble on 3 different sites 999dice primedice and you dont even have to install it!!! just an script for chrome paste it and youre good to go!!

i will tell how to use it now in steps this link and download the .pdf file:!XhJUEIIJ!nZUd5Ug3S1dlMyZqlmpi2-oe-O-bNj68KgmhOyZZn9g the pdf and copy the script

3.then click CTRL+ALT+I to open the console in chrome your btc adress in the script at the top where it says WALLET

5.deposit around 0.00001 BTC on each of the sites (999dice primedice and on the green play button and it goes to the...

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Jameson Lopp is a software engineer at BitGo, creator of and founder of

In this guest feature, Lopp provides a deep dive into whether bitcoin can truly be understood as a technology, coming up with more questions than answers and delivering an impassioned appeal to open-mindedness and exploration.

When I first became interested in bitcoin, I found myself spending countless hours absorbing as much information about it as possible, trying to put all of the pieces together.

After years of learning, I now devote a fair amount of my time trying to help others understand bitcoin better. While many people have referred to me as a "bitcoin expert," I still consider myself a student – I have yet to determine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Andreas Antonopoulos had this to say about explaining (and thus understanding) bitcoin:

"I wrote a book that answers the question 'What is Bitcoin?' It's 300 pages long, was obsolete...

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