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Looking at this diagram of OP_CHECKSIG steps and the Bitcoin Script wiki, OP_CODESEPARATOR is used to make OP_CHECKSIG check only part of the scriptPubKey. Essentially, only the script that goes after the last OP_CODESEPARATOR is used to sign the tra
This document describes the life-cycle of the Bitcoin Core software package released by the Bitcoin Core project. It is in line with standard maintenance policy across commercial software. Versioning Bitcoin Core releases are versioned as follows: 0
Short answer, but it really only scratches the surface: The same process that is called "mining" also creates those Bitcoins. Meaning, you actually create them yourself but it can only done by solving a very difficult mathematical problem. The first
They do not serve the same function. Putting a relative locktime in the nSequence value means "this transaction cannot be mined until its input is at least that old". Putting a relative locktime with OP_CSV in the script means "Require that the trans
CheckBlock() --> Checks the info inside a block AcceptBlock() --> Additional checks + write to disk ProcessNewBlock() --> Calls both of the above and also a function called ActivateBestChain(), which decides whether propagation to the networ
Currently no. Any "required fees" are enforced only by the client not the network or protocol. It is up to each individual miners which transactions to include in a block
Starting in April 2012, PHP release tags have been signed in Git by the release managers for each branch. The following GnuPG keys can be used to verify these tags: pub 2048R/9C0D5763 2015-06-09 [expires: 2024-06-06] Key fingerprint = 1A4E 8B72 77C4
If the transaction fees from miners are not sufficient to maintain the security of the ledger, than the network will self-destruct. But, with the cap being so-far away (who knows how many years) by then computing power should be sufficient to ensure
I'm trying to add a new dependency to my Bitcoin Core fork. The dependency is Rapidcheck, a property based testing framework. I've added a file called rapidcheck
You might benefit from understanding key concepts in bitcoin before diving into the core source code. The following link teaches the technical basics of how Bitcoin works by walking you through writing a simple python script to create transactions fr