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The input of every transaction refers to an output of a prior transaction. An input can't be defined by only the transaction hash. A transaction consists of 1 or more outputs if you only specify the transaction hash there is no way to know which outp
I am trying to send a bitcoin raw transaction, but always got such an error. what's the possible explaination? bitcoind --testnet sendrawtransaction 0100000002e37a176c220cf64898c312b779809b99c9b07434cf042dabfcdf453c74aaad09000000006a4730440220599b555
It has become trivial to double-spend; do not accept zero-confirmation transactions!* Accepting zero-confirmation transactions today is not safe: Especially, with the full blocks of late, it is almost trivial to double-spend. Only accepting the first
Update August 7 2015 ~ start So after having an IP or two banned because of checking to often. .
How does one attain 1,000+ connections like blockchain. info? September 29, 2014 21:45 The given answers don't answer the question. Even though it might not makes sense to achieve a thousand connections, here's how to do that on Debian
Assuming all the inputs you are spending are from regular "pay to address" transactions, each input will contribute 180 (plus or minus 1) bytes to the transaction. Each output adds 34 bytes to the transaction. And there's a fixed extra 10 bytes which