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I am building a Bitcoin IPN to poll bitcoind every 5 minutes, find new payments with at least 1 confirm, and notify a server. It looks like I am going to have to load them all up with 'listtransactions' every time and parse out new ones. Inelegant, b
First, you'll need to download the source code for the latest release of bitcoin; you can view a list of releases here. You'll usually want to get the most recent stable release (which will just have numbers, no suffix). An example of downloading the
As is well known, testnet has a "20-minute rule": if no block is found within 20 minutes, the mining difficulty drops to 1 until a block is found. From some experimentation, it appears that bitcoind's getdifficulty function reports the difficulty of
Disclaimer: There is no "proper" way to do anything :) Some people think that P2Pool is hard to scale. But it can be scaled easily by dividing it into smaller pools that feed into the main pool. This is beneficial for a lot of reasons but two importa
One fundamental, expected way to make a valid template invalid: someone else finds a block, and it's time to switch. You can technically keep incrementing "curtime" until it's 2 hours in the future, though my gut tells me I should try to avoid pushin
Generally speaking if you want to contribute you have two options: Become a blockchain peer The Bitcoin network requires the full chain to be available for download. If not enough peers allow the full chain to be downloaded, this is a risk to the net
I run a 0-confirmation tool. To track new transactions I use: bitcoind getrawmempool new transactions in new block not available in mempool (it seems I do not receive all transactions in mempool before my client accepts a new block) I trust my bitcoi
I am tinkering with the bitcoin source code and trying to understand the exact working of peer discovery mechanism in the testnet mode for which I have made the following changes: Disabled the DNS seed discovery in order to force bitcoind to fallback
For some reason I keep getting error: {"code":-25,"message":"Missing inputs"} EDIT: Updating error now that the full testnet blockchain is downloaded "code":-26,"message":"16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Operation not valid with the current