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I have Debian stable release (wheezy) and need to install Bitcoin daemon (bitcoind). There is no such a package in standard wheezy repository. I've tried the next approaches: 1
The feature was enabled in Bitcoin Core 0. 11 (see release notes). In the source code on github the option to use would be -prune= which is described as: Reduce storage requirements by pruning (deleting) old blocks
There were a few more suggestions on an answer to this related question: Howto scale thousands of bitcoin accounts properly with bitcoind deamon? Someone has already created a wrapper for the bitcoin daemon in Java: https://github. com/btc4j/btc4j-da
Assuming all the inputs you are spending are from regular "pay to address" transactions, each input will contribute 180 (plus or minus 1) bytes to the transaction. Each output adds 34 bytes to the transaction. And there's a fixed extra 10 bytes which
I've got a server running 24/7 with lots of resources left. I want to run a full Bitcoin node, but actually, I thought of running a few virtual machines on it (using virtualbox) and running a full Bitcoin node in each of them. Obviously they'd all ne
My bitcoind client that runs on testnet has started returning a lot of errors today. It has been doing so for a few of hours (as of 2014-08-29 9:50 UTC). When I call it via RPC, I get the following response on ALL requests { "result":null, "error": {
A function is reentrant if it can safely be invoked again while another instance of the function is active. Generally, a function is reentrant if it doesn't access the program state. The program state is the value of all of memory, especially global
It appears that Fred Tingey's answer was mostly correct, but contained incorrect port numbers in the samples he provided. If someone were to copy and paste it all it would not have worked correctly. I've modified his answer, it is awaiting peer revie
I want to install the bitcoind daemon on a computer with relatively little free space (about 35GB available). I thought that the blockchain was some 20 GB in size and figured that would be no problem, but I'm running into disk space issues. What I di
Short answer: No. Long answer: It depends. The addresses themselves are independent (unless blockchain