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More than a quarter of UAE residents have been hit by credit card fraud yet many cardholders still take minimal precautions to protect themselves against theft. After all, how often do you see receipts left hanging out of ATMs or scrunched up on the
US Dollars (USD)Settlement in USD is available via ACH to banks in the USA. Once a settlement payment has been issued, funds will appear in your bank account after two business days. The minimum settlement is 20 USD
I have written a Python program that looks at bitcoinchart's API and finds the median price. This might be useful if you wanted to automatically adjust prices in an online store. import urllib2 import json def average(l): return sum(l)/float(len(l))
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He has a Bitcoin donation page which asks for identifying info and goes through BitPay, but of course anyone could send him Bitcoin anonymously, without using that page, if they know the address to send it to. The Libertarian Party and CoinPAC have B
The number of Bitcoin network confirmations required for a particular transaction to be considered complete is determined by the BitPay account holder on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Entities set the Risk/Speed of a transaction to "Low" (6 con
Bitpay proposes zero confirmation solution for faster Bitcoin transactions and introduces clearing operator between the two interacting parties. Bitpay has taken aim at solving the issue of slow confirmations on the Bitcoin network by proposing an op
Your question might be out of context here (in 3 years, how many people will be interested in an answer, given that things change so fast in this space?). Having said that, it all depends where you're at. Some, but not all, exchanges will let deposit