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It could have been done that way, at the cost of increasing the amount of space it takes to store and send block headers. It seems like block header storage was a big concern for Satoshi, (there's even a section in the whitepaper about it) but it's t
Great question. I had to do some research to find out. Currently version is actually 4 bytes
A is protected by adding coinbase transaction with himself's bitcoin address. from https://en. bitcoin
Alright, I finally managed to fix my bugs and get a full roundtrip. Here is an example for a full communication with a Pool. I don't explain everything in detail as the API description can be found elsewhere
Once a miner has found a block, how easy it is for him to add or remove a tx included in that very block? It is impossible. The solved block depends on every byte of transaction data, nothing can be changed. It is important that it be this way
The description for the headers command says "77x?" as the size for the block_headers[] returned. However, the description of the block_header structure is 81 bytes (4+32+32+4+4+4+1). What exactly is returned by the headers command? -- AndyParkins Ap
Hello my dear friends, I am writing a program using GoLang to mine bitcoins. It's part of my college conclusion project and likely won't be used to mine bitcoins since it's not gonna be efficient enough running on regular PC's (facing a race against
But the timestamp (block header field) is hashed? How is that useful to the blockchain? Surely the time the new block is announced to the blockchain is the time value that is recorded? – AnonymousAug 27 '13 at 13:23 @Anonymous: The network isn't a mo