Questions on: block-size-increase

Yes, to make "megablocks" viable for anything besides block chain data storage, the sigops limit would need to be changed. Simply increasing it would be the easiest option, but I suspect at least some developers would prefer to change how the sigop l
The full code for Segregated Witness was released on 19th of April, which to the letter fulfills the requirement. However, apparently some people had understood the first point to mean that it would be in production in April which was not the case. F
Yes, data has shown, that GFW has effects on packet propagation, but not much. The major cause of delay is distance. As you can see here, the median propagation time is comparable for various locations
One focused on validation latency, one on bandwidth and latency. Bitcoin Core has a validation cache of transactions it sees unconfirmed on the network, this allows the most expensive operations (executing the script, and validating signatures) to ha
The blocksize topic correlates directly with the current 7 transaction per second (TPS) ceiling Bitcoin has that was recently brought to light before US Congressional Testimony. https://en. bitcoin
Just like a hard-fork blocksize increase SegWit by itself will not solve the scalability issue. They both provide only a fixed factor increase in capacity. So, SegWit is also a way to kick the can down the road, but in comparison to the hard-fork blo
In regards to bitcoin, Peter Todd says: "Fundamentally the tech itself does not scale. The whole idea of everyone knowing everything about every transaction, which is inherent to the trust model of bitcoin right now.
Bitcoin has not been forked yet. Once XT nodes mine 75% of all bitcoin blocks, XT will support a larger block size that will be incompatible with current bitcoin client. At that time, the blockchain is forked and the bitcoin currency would be divided
If your goal is just to get a stable Bitcoin node running, and not to contribute to the network, you can add listen=0 to your bitcoin. conf file. This generally (though not always) keeps your upload bandwidth in check
If there is a block-size hard fork, will the old chain have an advantage? This is partially true, but it is not as grave a problem as the writer would have us believe