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There's a generic answer to this question that anyone can use, and an answer specific to users of Bitcoin Core (versions 0. 10. 0 or higher)
NOTE: I am a Bitcoin newbie. Please excuse (and correct) any wrong terminology in this post. Can the transaction data in an earlier block be edited? Of course, it would break the verification of the Proof-of-Work because data will not match the final
I think I understand the basic operation of the Bitcoin protocol. Blocks are the "long-term memory" of the network used to prevent double spending (and the way the network agrees in first place). Proof of work is sort of brute-forcing the nonce so th
The creation time is recorded in the block: https://en. bitcoin. it/wiki/Protocol_specification#block And since there's no benign benefit in deferring announcing it, it would seem likely creation time and announcement time would be pretty close
There is hardly any performance penalty for updating the block with a new hash (including new transactions) for the miners. In fact, even if they do not get any new transactions, they change the hash (using an extra nounce), at the very latest when t
I downloaded and forked the Blackcoin source code. I changed all of the references to BlackCoin, changed the pszTimestamp string along with the current Unix timestamp. Then, I successfully mined the genesis block and put it, along with the merkle has
The explanations on the web are all very vague and mystical, on purpose maybe. Here is my take in simple words, just reading the megacoin source code from the above comment. The goal is to have a more adaptive way of adjusting the difficulty instead
There's a few things going on here: Saying that there are 9000 unconfirmed transactions is not a particularly good fit for how node memory pools work. Not all pools contain the same transactions, not all nodes have the same rules for what an acceptab
The absolute limit is the size of the block, which is currently hard-coded at 1,000,000 bytes. Each transaction takes up a variable amount of space, but ~250 bytes is about right for a simple (one-input one-output) transaction. However as soon as a b