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Bitcoin Charts - Blockchain. info Bitcoins in circulation The total number of bitcoins that have already been mined; in other words, the current supply of bitcoins on the network. Market CapitalizationThe total USD value of bitcoin supply in circulat
Thanks to Murch, I'm answering my own question; Yes! Murch made the point that using BTCDD enables a selfish miner to mine a non-broadcast transaction that spends old coins rather than having to rely on a network propagation advantage. I understand t
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Balances The block chain is a shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network relies. All confirmed transactions are included in the block chain. This way, Bitcoin wallets can calculate their spendable balance and new transactions can be ver
With more and more users turning to Bitcoin and Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen having proposed a hard fork of the blockchain, the issue of network scalability has once again risen to the surface. The problem is called “blockchain bloat”: when more tr
While in theory, a fork can be achieved at any depth, in practice, the computing power needed to force a very deep fork is immense, making old blocks practically immutable. Consensus attacks also do not affect the security of the private keys and sig
Why did satoshi choose to have the difficulty re-target every 2000 blocks? why not 1000? why not 10? for that matter why not re-target every block? it looks as if bytecoin is going to die and it seems as if this could have been prevented by allowing
The important thing here is, that every mining pool/solo miner is working on a different input: They have different coinbase transactions and are working on different sets of transactions. Further entropy can be added by changing the nonce and extra-
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