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There may be websites that index them, however, as blocks only get propagated once they get accepted as new best chain, such branches don't get relayed universally, and every node on the network can get a different view. Bitcoin Core can be queried f
Let's say the year is 2034 (optimistic?) and the New New World has adopted Bitcoin as its currency, and now there's a civil war, and naturally the two sides want to have their own version of Bitcoin . .
Satoshi writes at the bottom of page 3 of his white paper that "If two nodes broadcast different versions of the next block simultaneously, some nodes may receive one or the other first. In that case, they work on the first one they received, but sav
Вы можете заблокировать любого человека, чтобы не позволить ему видеть публикации в вашем профиле, писать вам или добавлять вас в друзья. Если вы заблокируете кого-то из своих друзей, этот человек будет автоматически удален из вашего списка друзей. Л
Background info: A shorter chain could possibly be considered the correct one, but it would be very hard to make this happen in bitcoin. I can think of two ways this could happen. 1) Go back to the genesis block and use the time warp attack
By Ilya Grigorik on May 05, 2014 Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been getting a lot of attention from just about every angle: regulation, governance, taxation, technology, product innovation, and the list goes on. The very concept o
You can easily limit the amount of processes that can be spawned in Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions by modifying /etc/security/limits. conf sudoedit /etc/security/limits. conf Then add this line to the bottom of that file: * hard nproc nnn
This answer presumes that you need to retain the resilience of a P2P network where there is not a single point of failure. It also presumes that you need an authoritative source that has the ability to maintain control so that the network is not vuln
This article explains Bitcoin mining in details, right down to the hex data and network traffic. If you've ever wondered what really happens in Bitcoin mining, you've come to the right place. My previous article, Bitcoins the hard way described how I