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Dual-tx adds a second layer between broadcasting the settlement and claiming a payment which allows us to clearly separate the process of claiming a payment from waiting out the revocation delay. If the receiver of a payment wants to redeem a payment
There are no such arbitrators currently, as far as I know. There have been plans discussed to create trusted sources of Bitcoins. The idea would be that I'd hold my Bitcoins with an e-wallet service and ask them to transfer my coins to you
Be care It’s good practice to start by making yet another backup of both the Maildir and the cache, before anything else. The best way to restore a backup is to start from a clean “empty” state. Clean the cache The cache stands in the path defined by
I am trying to recover a few coins from a wallet on a hard drive with a corrupt filesystem. (Yeah I know backups and all, this is from a while ago and I had planned to spend the balance on this wallet) The standard bitcointools such as dbdump. py wil
Hello, I'm having the following issues: 1) Wallet showing only one active connection and then it loose connection after 2 min and never sync (it never synced from the very beginning. .
50 different views of the current state of the network develop. I'm going to assume that 5% of mining power is also in NYC. What happens is that when the network problems are lifted, the NYC blockchain instantly "wins"
Imagine a world where you can vote in an election with your phone, where you buy a house in a matter of hours, or where cash simply doesn't exist. These are some of the scenarios being mooted by an increasingly excited blockchain community. The techn
Greetings, we recently started looking into the send-shared code ofblockchain. info. Apparently, it has transfered more than4,163,520,532
Well, I don't think what you are looking for does exist. You need to know that bitcoind only keeps your data in binary format. When it receives and stores blocks, it will check for transactions involving addresses in your wallet
Consider the following transaction: https://blockchain. info/tx/aa5eb27652bd85dc444ea2508bf0ff6ff1b484141e2d7e69f31976fafb21e06e Each of the output addresses has never before been used, and there is only one input address. Why does blockchain