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I am confused about whether a miner chooses to wait for more transactions (more fees) or starts as soon as it receives the first transaction from the network. Once a miner has started calculating the hashes, it will queue the new transactions, correc
A is protected by adding coinbase transaction with himself's bitcoin address. from https://en. bitcoin
It is technically possible that all copies of the blockchain are lost. .
My copy of blkindex. dat became corrupted, but I still have the whole blk0001. dat file
By Ilya Grigorik on May 05, 2014 Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been getting a lot of attention from just about every angle: regulation, governance, taxation, technology, product innovation, and the list goes on. The very concept o
Are they truly 100% random (generated by hardware) or is it pseudo-random (generated by software)? Pedantic answer: No, they're not random, because the first twenty digits or so will always be zero. Serious answer: The Bitcoin client does not use any
You probably want to simply update your client to the latest version (0. 10. 1 was just published) and just run it
I can't answer your questions about whether it's true and why. It's possible that he would've taken that stance because sensitive information could be put into the block chain. Consider the consequences if some of the following examples were included
My understanding is that the blockchain records every transaction that has ever occurred, and that, when we say there are x amount of coins at address y, what we really mean is that the blockchain records transactions in which the difference between