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The following is a list of libraries from ProgrammableWeb's Library Directory that matched your search term. Although there many different interpretations of the word "library" among software developers, ProgrammableWeb adheres to a specific definiti
Blockchain is creating a buzz in how it can be used for implementing and securing digital assets. In this article we take a look at 21 blockchain examples and applications that are creating ripples in the world of technology. Blockchain ExamplesIn th
Today we got a question from one of our reader. Question says – I’ve installed Bitcoin QT wallet on my primary drive. Blockchain data size now exceeds 9 GB and my C: drive is small, I have free space on another drive for such data
With the bitcoin-qt client, I'd like to have multiple wallets use a single set of blockchain data files. Why? Downloading a fresh copy of the blockchain can take days, and each copy of the blockchain seems to be ~ 5GB large. This feels somewhat waste
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The bitcoin block chain threw out an interesting statistic yesterday: there were 134,084,960 'Bitcoin Days Destroyed'. It's the highest number in bitcoin's history so far, beating the previous four record spikes which reached around 52,000,000 Bitcoi
There are many projects being worked on that involve using the bitcoin blockchain for its public verifiability and immutability. A few examples would be Counterparty, Medici, Factom, etc. But each use case for the bitcoin blockchain also adds an ince
Yes there have been some proposed ideas such as FileCoin, Storj and probably others. However, I'm not sure how well these systems work because there would need to be a way to prove to other peers that you actually are serving the piece of data. Some
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