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I downloaded and forked the Blackcoin source code. I changed all of the references to BlackCoin, changed the pszTimestamp string along with the current Unix timestamp. Then, I successfully mined the genesis block and put it, along with the merkle has
Recently BlockStream released a teaser about an innovative new technology called “pegged sidechains” that would allow public ledgers of various cryptocurrencies to transfer between multiple blockchains. The whitepaper describing this new technology h
The Blockchain Receive Payments API V2 is the quickest and easiest way to begin accepting automated bitcoin payments. Consisting of just a simple HTTP GET request, you can be up and running in minutes. One of the difficulties involved with receiving
The code referred to by that thread will become 0. 8, and is not in any released versions as of January 2012. 0
Why did miners/pools choose the longest chain for continuing it? Because with this strategy they have the highest expected bitcoin reward. The expected bitcoin reward is (new generated bitcoin (b) + transaction fees (t)) * probability (p) the block w
Depending on the amount of nodes in your network (don't forget to think of future scalability!) you can use anywhere up to 29-bits to uniquely identify them. Of course, this identifier could just be used to identify the 'class' of node and then you c
Ripple solves the double spend problem by consensus. Everyone who wants to run a server on the Ripple network picks a set of validators and tries to reach a consensus with them on which transactions are valid. The Ripple equivalent of Bitcoin's 51% a
A special feature called Blockchain Shrinking is supposed to solve this problem. Every year (or month) a new genesis block ("rolling genesis block") will be generated by every node. This block will contain only actual information (for example, only o
The ability to create temporal explosives that rapidly age anything caught in their blast radius. Sub-power of Time Attacks. Combination of Accelerated Time Bolts and Volatile Constructs