Can a Butterfly Labs Mini Rig SC cause health concerns if stored in a bedroom?


QWhat is the BitForce SC?


The BitForce SC processor is the result of our long term development of a multipurpose SHA256 hashing engine in full custom ASIC. The BitForce SC achieves an exponential increase in verification performance and power draw efficiency by using the latest semiconductor manufacture technology. Why ASIC? ASIC is the final word in processor design. There is no next step threatening to change everything. This makes it the first stable ground for hardware investment as compared to prior stages which experienced unpredictable and violent change as technology moved up the ladder from CPU to GPU, then FPGA and sASIC / Hardcopy. Pure custom ASIC is the end of the line. With ASIC comes not only a phenomenal performance increase, but also a stability in the rate of performance increase. Yes, improvements in ASIC will continue to occur, but only at the stable & predictable rate as followed by the rest of the semiconductor industry and not sudden exponential...

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Disclaimer: Bitcoin Magazine has previously run advertisements for Butterfly Labs. This article was written independently of this fact. -Ed.

In an upcoming article in our next issue of Bitcoin Magazine, Butterfly Labs, arguably the market leader of manufacturing and selling Bitcoin mining equipment, has released a sneak preview of their current state of development for their ASIC-based Bitforce SC line of computers, scheduled to be released in late November or December. As a sneak peek, we have two images for you.

The company has responded to recent criticism with some images. The photo above shows one of the boards in the Minirig SC, the $29,899 version of Butterfly Labs’ product that Butterfly Labs claims will be able to produce 1.5 terahashes per second while consuming only 1500 watts of power. This board, also shared by the Bitforce Single SC, is 92x92mm in size, and holds the entire processing power of a Bitforce Single SC. The Single SC as a whole will have a...

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CoinDesk's Daniel Cawrey recently visited and toured the facilities at Butterfly Labs, one of the most prominent and written about producers of bitcoin mining technology. In this second part of this series, he reports on the factors involved in the bitcoin mining arms race.

Now that Butterfly Labs is shipping ASIC bitcoin miners at a steady pace, their production plus that of Avalon and mining pools like ASICMiner are causing the mining difficulty to go up quite quickly. What this means is that it takes more computational power to complete proof of work algorithms. It means that a race is now on to offer the most processing power, but will also mean that other technical elements will come into play very soon.

I asked Butterfly Labs if the rise in mining difficulty is causing an increase in sales which might be leading to the price fluctuations. They didn’t seem overly concerned about any price volatility. It seemed to me that they have simply been too busy to...

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BFL_Josh and the team over at Butterfly Labs seem to be hard at work, and while they have not made a update post yet they have posted photos of ASIC chips on their PCB Boards.

First is a picture of the unpopulated board with no components or ASIC chips.

Next, we see a picture of the compleated board with 1 ASIC chip that will be a 4.5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner (BitForce Jalapeno).

Now a complete board with 4 ASIC chips that will soon be a 30 GH/s Bitcoin Miner (BitForce Little Single SC)

And finally we see a fully populated board with 8 ASIC chips that will be used both in the 60 GH/s Bitcoin Miner (BitForce Single SC) and the 1,500 GH/s Bitcoin Miner (BitForce Mini Rig SC).

The release of these photos may herald the imminent news that Butterfly Labs will finally start to ship their ASIC bitcoin miners. The new cannot come fast enough for the people that have had pre-orders with butterfly labs for close to nine months...

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Haki FPV: Whats your DIP settings from the powersupply? Example: OC 1600Watt, 100% Fan and other.

brianstacync: if i was going to spend $5k on a mining rig, why not just spend the money on buying the coins

if its obsolete in 6 months or a year, how many coins will a 2TH cointerra rig make in that timeframe?

wtf am i missing?

Greg Polymerou: I saw there is card from Butterfly Labs with 600GH/s. Is this real?

Mike Calce: What torx did you use to open the case?

StuttgartHD: why the company sell the miners?
just run by yourself and earn money

cleefrich: Would it be better if you could develop a better program to generate bitcoins using less hardware resources than blindly buying and setting expensive high end graphic servers. Wasting so much resources.

r4wrs4uce: If you don't mind me asking what kind of profit are you making through bit coin mining? I'm looking to get into it and want to see if it's worth it

Robert w:...

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Currently, we work with a company called Community Hosting, INC, which will host your equipment at their facilities. The current cost structure for hosting is:

MiniRig SC: $325 per month, per rig 30 GH/s, 60 GH/s, 25 GH/s, 50 GH/s $25 per month, per unit

Your hosted units will be added to a mining farm and you will be paid out regularly based on their collective output. Currently, the payout is approximately every two days, depending on luck. As difficulty increases, payout times may get longer or the payout threshold may be reduced to bring it back to every 2 days or so.

If you wish to have direct control over your units, you may provide a laptop or netbook computer (or one can be sourced locally at cost). Additionally, if you have more units than the provided computer has USB ports, you will need to provide enough USB hubs to support your equipment. That netbook or laptop, if provided by you, will need to be configured for remote access of your choice. Linux...

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Alan Yau: Hi, I am new to this, I only have 1 block erupter.
How many hashrate do you have?

5m4g3k2h1lrs: I will sell a ASIC 25ghs for 4.5 bitcoin

adrianTNT: How much bitcoin can it make per day in this period? Thanks.

Shinzool: That may be exacerbated by YouTube's processing to reduce shakiness of the video; I'm not sure. I thought it improved it overall, but I'm a total noob at judging video quality; even more then than now, as this was the first recording I ever did with the Nikon D3200. I didn't even know back then that it doesn't auto-focus while recording.

Retsu Ichijouji: CMOS wobble, OMG I'm going to throw up !!!!

Shinzool: I returned my old FPGA rigs, which I owed to them for the trade-in upgrade to ASIC rigs. Also, I would recommend not posting your E-Mail address and phone number in public places like this, as you're likely to get all kinds of unwelcome phone calls / texts and spam E-Mails.

SKY: BFL let you return the Both...

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Playing by the rules, doing the right thing is of the utmost importance. This often times causes situations that are much harder to deal with or endure, as well more expensive. Understanding that when we buy from a company we advocate for them, through the purchase from them, we as consumers empower them to grow and proceed. It is critical that we ensure the company is something we wish to support. Though we many not always be able to do this, nor is it always possible to gain the required information, we should still try. As Americans we really need to, especially now after all we have learned from history, investigate who it is we purchase from.

Purchasing from companies that harm our workers, only harm ourselves. Supporting Wal*Mart and thousands of unhappy people working at those locations, while destroying our own economy and infrastructure is irrational. Dealing with major banks that have bad histories is another bad idea, and supporting any structure of power that...

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Established in 1991 as a small environmental drilling contractor with one rig, Connelly and Associates, Inc. now ranks as one of the largest geotechnical and environmental drilling firms in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland region, operating in four states.

Our family-led team of over 55 employees includes a licensed drill crew that performs geotechnical borings and installation of monitoring wells, geothermal wells and geothermal installation. We also offer services in support of engineering and environmental consultants as well as HVAC contractors.


Geotechnical - Precisely collecting data without distorting results through our knowledge of local geology. Read More > Environmental - Performing subsurface environmental investigations to determine existence of contamination. Read More > Geothermal- Read More >


From tripod and track, to large truck and ATV- mounted drilling rigs, we have the rig and crew to...

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