Questions on: chain-reorganization

When a previously unknown chain fork of at least 7 blocks length is published, how does Bitcoin Core react? It reorganizes to that chain, any transactions that were lost are returned to the nodes mempool. Would Bitcoin Core accept the chain fork if i
Вы можете заблокировать любого человека, чтобы не позволить ему видеть публикации в вашем профиле, писать вам или добавлять вас в друзья. Если вы заблокируете кого-то из своих друзей, этот человек будет автоматически удален из вашего списка друзей. Л
Background info: A shorter chain could possibly be considered the correct one, but it would be very hard to make this happen in bitcoin. I can think of two ways this could happen. 1) Go back to the genesis block and use the time warp attack
Recently BlockStream released a teaser about an innovative new technology called “pegged sidechains” that would allow public ledgers of various cryptocurrencies to transfer between multiple blockchains. The whitepaper describing this new technology h
Immature coins are coins that were created in a block reward and haven't aged sufficiently, yet. The problem with block rewards is that they could still disappear again, if the generating block ends up being invalidated by a competing block chain. In
Let's say someone creates a blockchain fork starting from the genesis block, when the difficulty was absurdly low compared to today; then he starts mining new blocks from there up to the current block index. Normally, this would require such an amoun