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Even if you've never owned an NFC-equipped phone or tablet (like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or a Nokia Lumia), you've probably used NFC. The technology, which lets two local devices share small bits of data, is embedded in things like commuter cards, prin
Botnets are networks made up of remote-controlled computers, or “bots. ” These computers have been infected with malware that allows them to be remotely controlled. Some botnets consist of hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of computers
Good evening everyone. I've been out of the cryptocurrency scene for a couple of years and I've stumbled into a minor issue. I've been trying to figure out if it will be viable to move some Bitcoin from one wallet I own to another without a fee
It is normal. Each Bitcoin client makes its own choices on how it stores its private keys and balance information. The main (Satoshi) client uses a BerkeleyDB database, BitcoinJ serializes its wallet object directly to file, and other clients do othe
The most obvious open-source mining application is the official Bitcoin client itself, available at: https://github. com/bitcoin/bitcoin The source code is well written and shows quite clearly the way that hashing is performed in order to mine new bl
However, for security reasons, I advise against sending payments directly from PHP running on a web server. You may want to introduce at least one additional layer of validation before actual payment, and that layer is probably running on a separate
The Satoshi client has support for multi-signature transactions through the JSON-RPC API since version 0. 6. 1rc2
This answer presumes that you need to retain the resilience of a P2P network where there is not a single point of failure. It also presumes that you need an authoritative source that has the ability to maintain control so that the network is not vuln
Describes how to add custom REST resources in your MAF application’s client data model that do not map directly to the standard CRUD resources supported by the MAF client data model. The Resource Details wizard page, described in Specifying CRUD REST
I've posted this in Project Development, but figured I may as well mention it here too. I've written a PHP CLI script for signing multisig transactions, where the private keys are in an electrum wallet. Essentially the program prompts for a redeem sc