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Yes, there are a few different ways this can happen, and in nearly all instances this occurring is of little significance. First the most common scenario where that happens: When a client receives a block it first will verify the block before relayin
Unlike other forms of fraud you will lose the funds as your double spend is irrevocable. It will just be luck on which merchant gets paid. Also many transactions are not irreversible
From what I have read about Bitcoin transaction confirmation (aka mining), a transaction may not be included in a block for any reason, but the most common is that the fee is too low for the size of the transaction. A higher fee increases the chance
If a transaction returned from the http://blockchain. info/rawtx/$tx_hash endpoint has a confirmation, it will have a block_height member. You can then calculate roughly its number of confirmations by subtracting that value from the latest height ret
The number of Bitcoin network confirmations required for a particular transaction to be considered complete is determined by the BitPay account holder on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Entities set the Risk/Speed of a transaction to "Low" (6 con
Your client will have this marked as spent and will prevent you from sending any unspent coins included in the transaction while continuing to try to broadcast the original transaction. There is an easy solution, though. You simply need to dumpprivke
The owners of SatoshiDICE are launching a new game, called SatoshiDICE Tribute. The new site will conduct its transactions off the block chain, say the owners. It is still not publicly known who purchased the original SatoshiDICE site from Erik Voorh
With the exception of freshly mined coins, it is possible to spend unconfirmed funds - though it depends on which wallet you use. The bitcoin-core, cli version, will by default only spend funds with at least one confirmation, but it's possible to ove
At the moment there's very little orphaning of blocks, and next to no occurrence of two-block side chains. Unless you're dealing with large amounts (larger than two block rewards worth, probably), your chances of attack are incredibly incredibly low.
Hello everybody! I'm trying my best to understand how bitcoin works and while I've grasped the basics, there's a lingering question: What's to stop me from spending my bitcoin multiple times during a confirmation period? Let's say I have a single add