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Litecoin mining is currently more profitable for likely all GPUs. From the bitcoin and litecoin hardware wikis, you'd get 300-400MH/s for bitcoin mining and 340-470kH/s for litecoin mining if you set it up properly (and there is something VERY fishy
Made a little progress on finding out why the GUI hangs during intensive catch-up phases. Indeed, cs_main is held for a longer time. The GUI does not wait on cs_main during normal operation, however when it receives a new transaction 2015-05-29 06:48
Write your code in the clearest possible way, set specific measurable performance goals, measure the performance of your software, profile it to find the bottlenecks, and then if necessary optimise knowing whether processor or memory is your problem.
One instance of minerd is all you're going to need. The application also synchronizes with the pool. So opening more than 1 instance of minerd is just going to cause your network to be used twice for the same information
After checking out several different system that had the disk usage 100% Problem I found out that each one ended up having a different cause so it is hard to say what the fix would be. But I can give you some ideas to help isolate the cause down. Sol
Let's try to make a rough estimate. Intel's article Intel SHA Extensions gives some details on these instructions as well as sample code. The main feature is the sha256rnds2 instruction, which performs two rounds of SHA256, out of the 64 rounds that
It’s also very memory hungry, which can hurt PCs with low amounts of RAM. Here’s how to minimize the damage. Don’t Continue Running Background Apps Chrome normally continues running in the background, even after you close it
Hello CoinXplorer! If you run cgminer with the following command: cgminer -n It will return a list of all available graphics cards including, presumably, your graphic card part of your APU. If it only lists one device, it's possible that you might ne