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If they're in the same order book (same currency/issuer pairs), it's the one that was placed first. If they're in different order books (say because the source holds balances from more than one issuer) it's a bit more complex. Even if the offer rates
My copy of blkindex. dat became corrupted, but I still have the whole blk0001. dat file
You probably know that mining is the only way that Bitcoin comes into the world. You buy them, you exchange them for something else, and you earn them or even steal them. You send them per global network like mail
I have not read the paper, but here are some thoughts. Private blockchains make little sense (to me). But of course maybe a clever person will figure out a killer app for/on private blockchains
Yes there have been some proposed ideas such as FileCoin, Storj and probably others. However, I'm not sure how well these systems work because there would need to be a way to prove to other peers that you actually are serving the piece of data. Some
The security of private keys is crucial for public key cryptosystems. Anyone who can obtain a private key can use it to impersonate the rightful owner during all communications and transactions on intranets or on the Internet. Therefore, private keys
You can always sign the address in the database, but you must be careful about it. When the user register you would to verify their info, sign their address on an offline computer (with an offline private key) and put both of them in different field
I'm looking into the data and source of bitcore-node ( http://bitcore. io/ ), I'm a bit confused how all the information is stored in the database, probably it's in a similar way to others block explorers, so maybe someone could help me. In this case
The pastebin you linked describes the harm caused as follows: What'll happen is that that will trigger the anti-virus program for every bitcoin client user that has an anti-virus program installed (and this won't go away ever. . you can't clean the d
TECHNOLOGY: Ask Tom By Tom Kyte Our technologist isolates transactions safely. Isolation Levels I've read the Oracle Database Concepts manual, Chapter 20, "Data Concurrency and Consistency," but I don't really understand the difference between serial