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It is Base58 encoded with an initial version byte and 4 checksum bytes on the end. The version byte indicates the network (production network=128 and test network=239). The checksum is the first 4 bytes of the double SHA-256 hash of the version and k
As Gracchus said, Bitcoin internally uses 64bit integers. Bitcoin's JSON interface on the other hand uses doubles, which give only 52 bit precision. Both types are big enough for bitcoin (double only for data exchange, the precision of doubles is not
All points by Nefario are spot-on. In addition to these, here are some Bitcoin-specific suggestions from Camp BX's experience so far: 1) Use testnet. Testnet is an excellent resource, that unfortunately does not see as much use as it should outside t
I'm trying to copy my gpg key from one machine to another. I do: gpg --export ${ID} > public. key gpg --export-secret-key ${ID} > private
Amazon. com , often simply Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, founded in July 5, 1994 by Jeff Bezos and based in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest… A cryptocurrency exchange based in Bulgaria where users can
Suppose I just used vanitygen to create this key: Pattern: 1a Address: e1aMGYXuGpUwDGH9gz3ZBs8UH746nRdEk6 Privkey: 5KhCszBi22hEZZixPEQkLAMtUVkxbGaxBFsH7a9iefqrxHmSXgH All I had to do to import this key was import the Privkey. Nothing with "Address' w
No, you can't. The block chain is a linked list of blocks, and each block contains an array of transactions. Block headers commit to a Merkle tree of the transactions in them, but they are sorted chronologically, not by txid, so you need a linear sea
I've been reading a lot about transaction malleability, and noticed that the only way to achieve it is by altering the transaction signature/s. Why does the protocol even consider the signature in the payload for SHA256? The protocol should only cons
This question is cross-posted on bitcoin. stackexchange, stackoverflow and bitcointalks. I'm planning to build an application on Google App Engine that will heavily make use of Bitcoin trading