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My experience in PHP is not the best, but its good enough to learn and expand. I wish to create a Bitcoin eWallet for my website where it automatically creates a Bitcoin wallet for users. This wallet will also do other stuff such as generate a new Bi
I wrote my own wrapper, it wasn't complicated, this is the basic gist of it below. Adapt for your specific needs. Example of getting raw transaction internal static string GetRawTransaction(string txid) { var CredentialCache = new CredentialCache();
I think it will roughly (~1%) be the same, otherwise no-one would stay at Slush or GHash. IO, if one of them has obvious lower rewards. In your previous question I answered that there are differences in the way your share is calculated, and thus the
FROM THIS QUESTION How to keep history of record updates in MySQL? One simple way to keep version history is to create basically an identical table (eg. with _version suffix). Both of the tables would have a version field, which for the main table yo
He was probably referring to the payment protocol, which lets merchants (optionally) attach their online identity to payment requests, so customers can be assured they are actually paying who they think they are paying. The payment protocol leverages
Introduction Transactions are the fundamental atoms of the Bitcoin protocol. They encapsulate a claim upon some value, and the conditions needed for that value to itself later be claimed. This article will discuss: What a transaction is The Transacti
I have a website which enables users to trade information for a price. The price is calculated based on an algorithm within the website. The website charges a percentage per transaction for the service
You can use the Braintree Control Panel to create transactions manually. Credit card transactions can be created either on new credit cards or on those already stored in the Vault. For other payment types (e
According to legend, Satoshi Dice runs on an old Nokia mobile phone abandoned in a Tokyo subway station. The device supposedly contains an artificial intelligence that feeds off the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. While that is no more
Searching the http://patents. stackexchange. com site, I found a question that linked here: http://ask