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Transactions are not necessary to mine blocks. In simple terms: mining a block = finding a hash that matches with the previous block's hash + optionally a bunch of unconfirmed transactions. A block doesn't need to include any transactions
The Bouncy Castle library provides support for all languages on the Java VM This library (and now a derivative library called Spongy Castle) is used in the BitCoinJ library. The Bouncy Castle library was unfortunately implemented badly in Android whi
There is no purpose to mining Testnet. Please don't. If you need to "Test a mining rig", then use Testnet in a Box (http://sourceforge
I tried to generalize this question from one I asked on the BitcoinJ development list. I'm working on a project that requires a centralized wallet. From what I gather, these types of services generally rely upon simple balance checks to ensure that a
It depends on the reason why you're willing to exit node. js process, but in any case process. exit() is the last option to consider
I understand there are a couple things that need to be checked for a transaction to be valid - the previous transaction had to be correct, no OP can invalidate the transaction, etc, but is there a complete list on what one needs to check in order to
As far as I know there are no Scala Bitcoin libraries currently under development. As @ripper234 suggests, you could make do with the (canonical) BitCoinJ library which is currently under heavy development. This approach is often the case with JVM la
Ok, I specify that all my past transactions appear in the "Transactions" of the new version Bitcoin CORE window, but the money is still 0, since we are still in the process of "re-indexing of the blocks on the disk ". It will take a while to update t