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nlocktime transactions are probably the closest thing you have at a protocol level. Essentially, you can make a signed transaction that pays a bunch of your relatives on January 1st 2016. If you should die before then, the transaction goes through an
There are many causes for inflation, but the two most often agreed upon, according to Investopedia, are these: Demand-Pull Inflation - This theory can be summarized as "too much money chasing too few goods". In other words, if demand is growing faste
It is now 15 years since the introduction of the pinnacle of European Integration – the Euro. Yesterday’s anniversary comes at a moment of uncertainty for both the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone. The UK’s decision to leave the EU will see the f
It hasn't been tried yet At this point to the best of my knowledge there is no crypto currency that uses either expiration of transaction outputs or expiration of addresses. Therefore there are no experimental results available to observe expiration'
I'm just learning/getting started with bitcoin and one thing that's obvious straight away, is that the more computational power you can throw at it (with the cheapest energy possible), the more coins you can make. Lots of people mining coins (myself
Bitcoin Days Destroyed is a measure of the transaction volume of Bitcoin. [1] A bounty for a script to compute the Bitcoin Days Destroyed by the transactions in a block has been awarded. [2]Abe is a block chain browser that computes this statistic in
I like this question1 - we don't get many big picture questions. How could Bitcoin change the world? A mature digital cryptocurrency could reduce trade barriers and thus increase the rate of productivity dispersion throughout society. As money is a f
I don't know if any of this data is of any use or significance, but. .
So first of all, 'anti-economical' is not a proper word and doesn't have a clear definition. But I'll try to answer the question: 1) It is true that in a perfect market for mining, the cost of mining should be equal to the mining revenues generated.
Idealists might argue that Bitcoin was developed to forever change the financial landscape, and would be affronted at the suggestion that Satoshi was out for profit. Skeptics might call the whole thing the most elaborate Ponzi scheme ever envisioned.