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The owner of the Bitcoinica site has released some data from his site which may reflect the wider bitcoin economy. He gives a value for the Gini coefficient of: Gini Coefficient = 0. 87709 The Bitcoin Report site also releases a regular report on the
Like any other asset that has a market price, it's all a matter of supply and demand. The supply side is relatively trivial, the protocol allows for a fixed amount (25 bitcoins at the time of writing) to be produced every tenth minute, this reward is
The simple answer is that there is a constraint on the total number of coins that will be generated. In economy the fact that the supply of newly minted coins is either constraint by a constant rate at which they enter the market or, like in Bitcoin'
Technical analysis is important, but right now I think that one should not rely exclusively on chart analysis and indicators to predict Bitcoin's price movement. For example, at the end of July and mid-August some indicators, such as MACD or RSI, cle
Hey guys, I'm an infographic designer from Germany and I am currently working on an infographic about Bitcoins. I want to publish the finished version under a CC license online for everyone to use, with the goal to spread the word about bitcoins, to
Bitcoin was a proof-of-concept for cyptocurrencies. On a small scale, it works fine, is cute, and was nice for doing things like buying drugs, laundering money, and hiring fake assassinations that were actually government agents. On a larger scale, b
The recent Craig Wright-Satoshi Nakamoto debacle has spurred a new discussion as to what should happen with the coins mined by the mysterious Bitcoin creator. Theymos, the owner of BitcoinTalk, feels these coins should be destroyed to “prevent disast
Are Bitcoin Days Destroyed a measure of hoarding? Sometimes. But just because bitcoins changed addresses doesn't mean they changed hands. Is it also possible to derive velocity of bitcoin (money) from bitcoin days destroyed? Not directly
Inspired by this question ("Could bitcoin be destroyed by an entity cornering the market?") and the top comment on this answer to this question ("How much would it cost to execute a 51% attack?"). The United States government hates currencies competi