Questions on: exchanges

I don't know of any third parties that provide this service. I do know of a few (Example) that provide the opposite, where a customer has bitcoin, but the merchant will not accept it, however. The problem here is that these customers (in your scenari
1) When I want to sell bitcoin through a Bitcoin Exchange, do I have to transfer the bitcoin to a Bitcoin Wallet created by the Exchange and related to my account on the Exchange, or I have just to "connect" my Bitcoin wallet to the account on the ex
Bitcoin itself is detached from any other money system. Any form of "converting" BTC to other currencies is basically an agreement with another person in which you send them bitcoins, and in return they send you some other currency using a method you
Western Union is a hassle and is expensive. Bitcoins Direct was accepting WU payments until just a couple days ago. In the U
some will say only the exchanges will need to be licensed. Our company is working on that stuff now plus ways to monitor coins to prove it is not the proceed of a crime. For a bitcoin to be relevant in the coming months and years it will unfortunatel
Yes, if someone buys at a particular price, someone else must sell at that price. But they didn't place their orders at the same time. The buy/sell indicates the direction of the filled order
When exchange 'A' sells bitcoins for 200 dollars and exchange 'B' buys bitcoins for 300 dollars, there will be people who buy at 'A' and sell at 'B' as long as they can make money on it. This is called 'arbitrage'. Because of the open markets, people
Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It is meant to be resistant to corruption and external control. That is the reason it was created
Of course you may trade bitcoins with just anyone without having to pay fees to a centralized exchange. I think BitSquare may be the best answer to the question; decentralized, free to use and very low risk due to the escrow system - but not complete