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Yes it seems you find the offers by being specific about the currency, specific as in who issues it. For example the WeExchange gateway deals in bitcoins, USD, CAD and Australian money so those are the most well known currencies so far probably. So y
Visa Visa Inc. is American multinational financial services corporation. The main office is located in San Francisco, California, USA
There are multiple exchanges each with its own BTC/USD (or other currency pair) , so arbitrage between exchanges is what keeps prices among exchange inline. There are short term disruptions when those providing arbitrage are out of cash (for buying)
How can one gauge the reliability, customer service, and transparency of bitcoin exchanges? I totally agree that Bitcoin feels like the wild west, with people selling snake oil left and right
Mt. Gox publishes live data which is available at mtgoxlive. com
You could try looking for someone to trade you USD for litecoins in your local area in person, through Bitcoin OTC Exchange, or perhaps BTC-E or some other online exchanges. In the first case the risk should be fairly small, although it might take a
Lloyd's answer using blockchain sounds like the best if you haven't already bought the UKash vouchers. If you do have the UKash, then an alternative is to deposit UKash at VirWoX, then convert to SLL, then to BTC. I just tried it
Trail orders are extremely useful, much more so than simple stop loss orders. Are there any exchanges that offer trail orders? Using a trail order, the stop price would track the market price as long as it goes in the same direction, but not if the m
We don't want two users both running through that same sequence at the same time, where both pass the "look up whether code is spent" check, then both accounts get credited, etc. .