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Will we finally get to know what happened to the 744,408 bitcoins lost by Mt. Gox? Do you remember Mt. Gox? Once upon a time, during the heydays of Bitcoin, Mt
Since then the system has been rapidly gaining popularity, and according to some predictions it could become the “money of the future,” or a global currency. .
One way to do this is to perform a three-way transaction where the person sending the remittance (the bitcoin seller) transacts directly with the person buying bitcoins in the remittance destination country. The cash being paid for the bitcoin transa
The answers listed previously, are accurate with exchanges. Then you have coinbase. com which is not an exchange its more of a conversion mechanism
If you're a developer you could start with some open source exchange software. Bitcoin Central provided this: https://github. com/davout/bitcoin-central
In strictly hypothetical terms, I think you're over thinking this. You're doing it all wrong. Stop it
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Setting up and operating an exchange can be quite involved. A few tiers to start thinking about: legal, banking, tech+security, and volume. Legal The first question is whether you want to operate globally (e
Hello, I am new to CEX and have accidentally sent LTC to my BTC deposit address. I have contacted support, and this is the response I received: "Hello, If this transacction has been relayed to a bitcoin deposit address there may be a chance that they