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There is no widely agreed upon protocol for proving solvency in Bitcoin. The first successful protocol describing proofs of solvency is due to Greg Maxwell who described a Merkle-tree-based solution for proving solvency. Maxwell's solution provides p
Well, I don't know what the transaction volume is - only the site owner would be able to give you that information. As far as your other questions: How do members deposit/withdraw BTC to their accounts in the forum? Same as you generally deposit/with
As a consumer, the choice of payment method comes down to a tradeoff between convenience and cost. When a merchant offers credit card payment or cash, oftentimes customers will choose credit card or debit card because it is convenient and costs no mo
Grams, the makers of Helix, is trying to be the Google of the dark web by indexing dark websites, building reviews, and allowing users to mix and tumble their coins. Using Helix requires a membership, but you can use Helix Light without a membership.
I do not understand what do you mean by the current bitcoin price on the top (I can not see it), but I will clarify on some other numbers. Last - the price of bitcoin based on the last transaction. So if I bought 1
This answer suggests popularity growth of people privately exchanging bitcoins for a physical currency, in person. This might occur in "coffee shops, hotels, hostels, hackerspaces, etc". An example would be 2 travellers meeting in a hostel in, say, t
Your initial concern should not be with the technological aspect of a Bitcoin exchange, but with a legal one. You shouldn't aim to start a service that would in the end be deemed illegal in the countries you operate, or have servers in. There was a p
The list below shows exchangers sorted by the rate of exchanging OKPay USD to Namecoin. The exchanger with the best rates is at the top of the list, exchangers with worse rates are listed below it. Choose the exchanger with the rate you need and clic
Other posts in this thread: Quote from: Jamacn on Today at 08:12:06 AM is skrill a crypto coin? Nope, it is a payment processor kind of like Paypal. FYR: https://www. skrill
I've read about a lot of Bitcoin Heists and Thefts: from hackers that stole bitcoin from Exchange (Due to their poor security measures) or from Bitcoin users, to scam websites and so forth. Some of these Heists and Thefts involve huge sums of Bitcoin