Questions on: future

During this CCC conference from 2011, starting from 00:18:55, the presenter suggests that as bitcoins can be lost (lost private key, dead owner, sending to an "eater" address that nobody posses, etc. ), and as the total amount of bitcoins has a known
the last days I have thinking about the bitcoins and the technical issues that can have this currency, I am a computer science guy, with many interest in the global economy. The first question that I want to ask is about the blockchain, the file that
It depends a lot on the specific altcoin you're talking about. For the most part, there aren't a lot of major differences between Bitcoin and the alts. Sadly many of them exist only as the leftovers of pump-and-dump schemes intended to make their cre
North Korea's Korean Central News Agency/AP Citigroup currency analyst Steven Englander is out with a long Sunday note talking about everyone's favorite topic: digital currency. In it, he makes an important observation about the extreme inequality in
There is nothing technically difficult about making this change. Edit a few lines of code, upload a new version, make sure everyone installs it. However, it is extremely unlikely that any respected developer will ever try to make such a change, or th
The power to change the Bitcoin protocol depends on the willingness of the economic majority to adopt the changes. A wishlist exists of some changes that have been considered. If the change is one that devalues the currency, then those who hold coins
From my personal experience of discussions with consultants and developers, implementing Dynamics AX, issues related to costing and an inventory closing became one of main pain-points of an implementation process. Peoples tends to treat an inventory
8:07 Bitcoin is a digital currency used by terrorists and drug dealers, as well as major companies like Microsoft and Overstock. com. In other words, everyone from private individuals who order pizza to terrorists who order weapons
I wonder how the whole Bitcoin blockchain system will scale in the future. Given the fact that the size of the blockchain will grow exponentially (roughly a tenfold every ~3 years, looking at the recent years) but HDDs only tenfold every ~5 years, th