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There is no technical constraint causing the genesis block's reward to be unspendable forever. It is a bug that has now become the accepted standard. In the future the genesis block reward could be spent but clients must be updated to fix this bug or
The Bitcoin Block Halving is a central part of the Bitcoin system. Satoshi Nakamoto thought of a unique monetary ruleset within the Bitcoin protocol: as there are only ever 21 million bitcoins to be created in a decentralized matter, the rate at whic
If you're entirely new to bitcoin, welcome! If you've heard of bitcoin but still have some lingering questions, you're not alone. This article will delve into some commonly asked bitcoin questions, and provide links to further reading if you'd like t
Setting up a private chain is useful for testing purposes or simply for playing around with, I couldn’t find a good tutorial on it so I thought I would write my own. In this tutorial we are working on Ubuntu 14. 04 LTS and Go Implementation of Ethere
A genesis block is the first block of a block chain. Modern versions of Bitcoin assign it block number 0, though older versions gave it number 1. The genesis block is almost always hardcoded into the software
Question 5391: What is the sequence here? 4,9,19,39,79. Find the next term. Found 3 solutions by khwang, Abbey, longjonsilver: Answer by khwang(438) (Show Source): Answer by Abbey(339) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! The dif
What are Colored Coins? Colored Coins is a way to issue and transfer any assets on the Bitcoin blockchain