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Originally Posted by TheIronWolfFrom my observations, GPUs usually throttle when they overheat (at least for HD6990). What really helps overheating is fpscaps, which I see you are using. I cannot comment on triple monitor scenario - I am single monit
A. In an imperative programming language, statements are executed in sequence, and each statement may change the program's state. So analyzing translation units is inherently sequential
Mining bitcoins is a very low paying enterprise. However, sometimes a reward is measured in justice. Therefore, I will continue bitcoin mining operations with the belief that the extremely dishonest central banks will someday be driven out of busines
In GPU scrypt mining, the optimized threshold of lookup gap is 2. It means the GPU only saves 0, 2, 4, .
I run 2 instances of cgminers because I have two cards one which performs better for SHA256 and the other performs better for the SCRYPT algorithm. Effectively increased my hash rate by 10 percent doing this. The only problem is when you use --auto-f
I built a mining rig with 3 Radeon 6850 GPUs. When I run one miner (either Phoenix or m0mchil's poclbm) it reports a hash rate of a little over 200 Mhash/sec. When I fire up a second miner pointed at a different GPU, the hash rate of both miners is a
No there is not. The ATI Catalyst driver implements OpenCL, which is what GPU miners use to accelerate the SHA256 hashing used in mining. The open source driver does not implement OpenCL
Okay, i have a Gigabyte GTX 660Ti OC 2GB card, i have found the main boost to performance is memory clocks. Afterburner settings Core 1333MHz (+144 on the core in afterburner), default core was 1032, boost 1111, which actually boosted to 1189 or so.
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