How can Ripple trust lines be exploited to scam unknowing people?


See the Ripple Trust Lines topics in the Ripple forum.

In this context "empty trust line" probably means a trust line with a zero balance but a non-zero limit. Such a line indicates to Ripple that you are willing to accept a balance of the specified currency from the specified issuer.

Note that the forum topic you refer to was written before the client added support for the server-side "no rippling" flag. This is implemented backwards in the client as an "Allow Rippling" checkbox which is not checked by default. What that means is that if you use the default to create two trust lines the Ripple system will not allow funds to "ripple" between them. Trust lines created before this option was present, or created with the checkbox selected, are allowed to "ripple"; you overall balance will stay the same but it can move (within the trust limits set) to/from a trust line that has "Allow Rippling" enabled. This is an incredibly powerful and useful feature.

So in short...

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Here's the short answer: no, Ripple is not a scam.

However, there are lots of Bitcoin enthusiasts that believe that Ripple is a competitor to Bitcoin.

Many of the claims in forums and on websites are false.

For example, says:

Ripple is not open source. No server source code has being released, with the paid developers behind Ripple admitting that it is to prevent others from using building something better than Ripple in true open source fashion.

The source code for the client has already been released; the server code is expected soon.

Every single Ripple nodes is controlled by a private for profit company. It is centralized, like a bank or PayPal. Not a decentralized currency.

Also not true. Anyone can run a Ripple gateway.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Here's the deal: some Bitcoin people see Ripple as a competitor. Actually, Ripple is complimentary to Bitcoin. Since Ripple is an open...

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The Ripple account reserves are documented on the Ripple wiki.

The trust line reserves are only for trust that you set. Others cannot cause your reserves to increase by adding a trust line to you.

The client warns you when you are bellow twice your current XRP reserve limit by placing a warning symbol beside your XRP summary (located at the top right of the client). Wheather the warning is shown or not, hovering the pointer over the XRP summary will provide a "tool tip" with the current reserve requirements.*

If an action would put you under the reserve requirements (such as sending too much XRP, creating a trade offer, setting a new trust line) the action is refused with an error. When below the reserve requirements you can still do other transactions so long as you have enough XRP to pay the 0.000010 XRP transaction fee.

Note:There is currently a client bug that causes the reserve requirements shown to be twice the old levels, about eight times the...
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When a user attempts to create a trust line for a currency, and there are already one or more trust lines for that currency present, the confirmation dialog should have additional text that warns the user of the potential consequences:

You are about to trust ____ to the Ripple user _____ Are you sure? *Warning* By pressing CONFIRM you are extending trust to multiple issuers for the same currency which may result in your account balances changing without your direct action. Make sure you understand these consequences, and that all your issuers are trustworthy. For more information on trust lines please visit" BACK< / CONFIRM

There is currently a scammer named TradeFortress who is enticing unknowing Ripple users to extend him 100 BTC of trust. He then uses these trust lines to drain the victim's accounts of good IOUs, leaving his worthless IOUs in their place. For more information on TradeFortress please...

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mmullaney002 wrote:For example, I have a USD balance with SnapSwap that I want to send to BitStamp. When I try to send that balance, I get an "Error: Insufficient Funds" message when clearly that is not the case.

IIRC, there's not a ton of liquidity out of SnapSwap just now. This means that fewer people want SnapSwap USD than want Bitstamp USD. Best bet is to try a lower number (such as 1 USD) to make sure it's working at all, and then keep trying higher numbers to see what the most you can move is.

mmullaney002 wrote:Isn't the whole point of the "Allow Rippling" feature to enable fast and low/non-existent fee transfers between trusted entities?

Yes. Ripple allows you to set limits on how much you want different entities to be able to owe you. If a lot of people didn't much care which held their money, Bitstamp or SnapSwap, then transfer between them would be trivial. Unfortunately, right now people more often want to move out of SnapSwap than into...

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Update on February 24th: Chrome has resolved this issue to my satisfaction. Earlier this month they released Chrome 56.0.2924 which changes the location bar behavior. If you now view a data URL, the location bar shows a “Not Secure” message which should help users realize that they should not trust forms presented to them via a data URL. It will help prevent this specific phishing technique.

Update at 11:30pm on Tuesday January 17th: I have received an official statement from Google regarding this issue. You can find the full update at the end of this post.

As you know, at Wordfence we occasionally send out alerts about security issues outside of the WordPress universe that are urgent and have a wide impact on our customers and readers. Unfortunately this is one of those alerts. There is a highly effective phishing technique stealing login credentials that is having a wide impact, even on experienced technical users.

I have written this post to be as easy to...

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Register an account
Download ripple server switcher Extract rss.exe somewhere (eg: on your desktop)
Turn off your antivirus (some antiviruses might cause some issues)

Certificate installation

If you want to play on ripple with stable/beta/cutting edge, you must install our HTTPS certificate.
Do this only the first time you connect to Ripple.

Open the switcher
Click on “Install certificate”
Click “Yes”

If you can’t install the certificate properly, follow these instructions to install it manually.

How to play on Ripple

Run the switcher as administrator
Make sure Ripple IP is and Mirror IP is If not, click Update IP to get the right IPs. Make sure that the switcher says “You are playing on Ripple server -” (it should look like this), if not, click “On/Off” to switch server.
Open osu! and login with your ripple account

How to...

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The first thing recipients saw was an email from someone on their contacts list, sent with the familiar subject line "…has shared a document on Google Docs with you." From there, the email presented a line of text ("…has invited you to view the following document"), followed by an official-looking "Open in Docs" button. If users took the bait, they would then be prompted to log in to Google anew — and their contact lists would be duly harvested.

While seemingly simple, the scam was extremely cunning, and exploited the openness of Gmail to the full. In essence, the login page looked exactly like a Google login page because it in fact was — the scam Docs app was a third-party extension that could be legitimately added to a Gmail account if authorized, just like extensions such as Boomerang.

This is achieved via an open protocol called OAuth, the same system that lets users log in to Facebook or Twitter via their Google account. Anyone can make an OAuth application, and...

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The world is becoming a scarier place, with desperate people doing the most horrible thing they can think of just to take advantage of other people. You might even wonder how other criminals can think of something brilliant just to carry out their motive.

Scams can be done by anyone from anywhere around the world. The crooks would either rip off people by talking to them personally or even through social media, which is also popular these days.

But there’s one scam that’s becoming alarming, especially since it involves a person that we usually trust – utility workers. This scam has undoubtedly put these workers in a bad light, but in various countries, shady people have done it and people need to be aware of these things just to be on the safe side.

You wouldn’t think of anything suspicious about a utility worker, who starts knocking on your door gently, and then informs you that your bills are long overdue. Then they begin to ask you for money so you...

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That's how a great scam works , they slowly funnel more and more coins in circulation and then sell as much as they can , kicker is everyone will be left with worthless XRP and when it comes to amount of coins they claim to have no one can confirm or deny , simply too many , that's the beauty of it ! They will be rich and will scrap project Ripple and start something new promising something spectacular and with new money they will have it.

Honestly who even thinks Ripple is a good idea ? NEM can do same thing only better , and much more , they have private and public blockchains under same network and they already have signed deals with big banks of Japan and Europe, who tested their network to be 99999 transactions per second capable after softfork may...

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Consider some reasons you may be the subject of exploitation and the types.

As with so many things, once you have understood the cause the effect becomes clearer and you have a far better way of making beneficial action. For the most pathological of cases, the exploiter often sees people as simply asking to be exploited. These are the most dangerous as the exploiter has no sense of boundaries. There are also so many levels of exploitation from low to dangerous and types, such as: Emotional, Financial, Influential (such as in business or political circles), Spiritual, Personal (often power-lust or ego-mania of the exploiter), Addictions (there have been historical cases often in less developed lands where people/s are exposed to drugs of controlling them through their addiction. It is far more subtle in modern times, focusing on mental addictions, such as personal beliefs, lifestyle and routines, media and technology etc), Relationships (including physical relationships), or a mix -...

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