How could the dogecoin increase the limit of money supply?


Dogecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digital currency. This form of digital currency is called "cryptocurrency"; a type of digital currency. Cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, decentralized, and extremely secure.

Who created Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Australia.

Is this like Bitcoin?

Yes it is but it is coded as a branch of the Litecoin family of digital cryptographic currency, it improves upon Bitcoin. The Coinpursuit site explains in more detail:
SHA-256 and Scrypt are the two most common algorithm systems used by cryptocurrency miners in order to authenticate blocks of transaction data. The system used, unfortunately, is not up to the miners; it's set by the developers of a given type of currency. When you go to cryptocurrency discussion boards and forums, you'll find there's a vigorous debate between the two algorithms. We'll look at the two types,...

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What is Dogecoin Mining?

Dogecoin mining is done by specialized computers and hardware. It serves two main purposes:

1) It secures the network and verifies transactions.

2) New dogecoins are paid out as a reward to miners.

Dogecoin Mining Hardware

The Dogecoin mining industry is less developed than Bitcoin’s. ASICs—powerful computers designed to solve Bitcoin’s proof of work function—are available for Dogecoin but difficult to purchase. Because Dogecoin and Bitcoin use different proof of work functions Bitcoin miners cannot mine Dogecoins.

It’s possible, for example, to buy a Bitcoin Antminer S7 ASIC on Amazon for $714. No such miners are available for Dogecoin.

The best Dogecoin mining hardware available for purchase are graphic cards, but they are not profitable. If you are serious about mining Dogecoins, one option is to simply mine bitcoins with hardware like the Antminer S7 and convert the earned bitcoins to Dogecoin.

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There was a comment on this thread earlier (that seems to have been deleted) that got me thinking about this problem again.

I think we can all agree that the current rate at which the block reward is decreasing is not in the best interest of the coin, but how to go about addressing this without damaging the coin's stability, utility. security, etc? I spent a lot of time playing around with a spreadsheet this morning and eventually reached the conclusion that we'll likely need to both adjust the block time and the rate at which the block value is reduced. Also, while I had initially thought that the 100,000,000,000 coin limit was a good thing I've come around to thinking that it's probably okay to build in a tiny bit of inflation, as the dogecoin foundation states: "The point of any currency is to exchange it for goods and services so making a pile and hiding it in a secret lair is no good to anyone". Built-in inflation helps promote these exchanges. So, I offer the following...

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Our exclusive software makes easy mining of DogeCoin.

DogeCoin Miner uses the processing power of graphics processing units (GPU). At the moment our station consists of the 176 videocards in the production cryptocurrency.

It is required less time for mining of Dogecoin than for Bitcoin.

DogeCoin - Dogecoin, if we talk about the technical part, but rather a variation on the theme litecoin, which works through a cryptographic Functions scrypt.

Dogecoins will be released more 100billion than Bitcoins 21million.

After payment your device will be connected to one of the workers in our mining pool and mining for your account will be started.

Dogecoin is a decentralized,of equal digital...

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What is MYDOGE?

We are a fast rewarding dogecoin faucet where you are able to claim free dogecoin when you like as often as you like.

How can I register?

To register with MYDOGE all you need is a valid dogecoin wallet address. Something similar to Duuyg6dgyuyg76fygbhasyr7yugav5tf No other details are needed.

Ive claimed, where is my dogecoin

When you hit claim you dogecoin is collected in your account balance. When this balance passes the minimum payout ammount it will be automatically payed out to your dogecoin wallet.

What is the minimum payout?

This minimum pay at the moment is 100 dogecoins, Payed every Sunday. If you dont reach the minimum your account balance will roll over to the following Sunday.

Is there any fees?

No, There are no fees to use the faucet and all payout transaction fees are covered by

How is it possible you can give you free coins?

This faucet relies heavly on donations (donate here)...

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The price of Dogecoin, the world's third most traded cyrptocurrency, is down 9% this afternoon.

And that's a great thing.

Because the update from Dogecoin's creators causing the temporary price drop will ultimately ensure its longevity going forward.

In a message on Github this weekend , Sydney-based co-creator Jackson Palmer announced the amount of Dogecoin would not be fixed, meaning it's possible for an infinite amount of Dogecoin to be created. ( This was first spotted by Ars Technica's Cyrus Favriar ). Every new "block" of Dogecoin that gets mined will yield 10,000 units of the currency.

"This will help maintain mining and stabilize the number of coins in circulation (considering lost wallets and various other ways coins may be destroyed) at 100 billion," Palmer wrote.

This is close to how a normal fiat currency like the U.S. dollar works. Like the greenback, Dogecoin will now...

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February 5, 2017

Thank you for visiting our website in your search for “How To Make Money In Dogecoin Trading” online. Mining cryptocurrencies is how new coins are placed into circulation. Because there is no government control and crypto coins are digital, they cannot be printed or minted to produce more. The mining process is what produces more of the coin. It may be useful to consider the mining as joining a lottery group, the pros and cons are the same. Mining crypto coins means you’ll really get to keep the total benefits of your efforts, but this reduces your likelihood of being successful. Instead, joining a pool means that, overall, members are going to have much greater possibility of solving a block, but the reward will be divided between all members of the pool, based on the number of “shares” won.

If you are thinking of going it alone, it is worth noting that the applications configuration for solo mining can be more complicated than with a pool, and...

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Disclaimer: This article is now highly outdated. It was written in early 2014, before the rise and fall of dogecoin. I have since cashed out and made a decent profit. For a variety of reasons, some too long to explain, I am no longer involved in the dogecoin community. I no longer advocate on behalf of dogecoin, and I especially do not advocate making financial decisions based on random articles on the internet.

You may read the outdated article below:


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Tuxedage — organizer of the dogecoin lite wallet fund, moderator of the thousand-user strong #dogecoin and #dogecoin-market IRC channel, as well as an active member and supporter of the dogecoin community. If you are reading this, I will assume you are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, so I won’t beat around the bush.

This document explains why Dogecoin is going to the Moon.

Personal Story:

I am a Bitcoin early...

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'Such crypto. Very currency. Wow.'

So went the enthusiastic, disjointed dialogue of the 'Doge', the cute Shiba Inu dog turned internet meme that was later adopted by cryptocurrency users in search of a less serious twist on the tech.

From 2013 to 2014, dogecoin carved its place in the crypto world, in part because its community used it more as a currency at a time when rivals bitcoin and litecoin were typically held as (serious) assets. At its height, hundreds or thousands of dogecoins would zip around Twitter and Reddit, sent back and forth between users who collectively dubbed themselves 'shibes'.

That momentum then expanded out into more serious endeavors, with the community raising money to fund a bobsled team and water wells in developing countries, among other charitable initiatives.

But as the cryptocurrency protocol closes on 18 months without an upgrade, is the fun-loving dogecoin finally dying? And what does dying even mean for a...

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Dogecoin — криптовалюта, основанная на Litecoin. Названа в честь интернет-мема Doge. Была представлена 8 декабря 2013 года. В отличие от других криптовалют Dogecoin имеет достаточно быстрый период изначального майнинга. На конец 2014 года в обороте находилось 98 млрд. монет. Перспективы дальнейшего майнинга Dogecoin могут изменяться. На конец 2016 года в обороте находится 107 млрд. монет, капитализация которых составляет 25 миллионов долларов.

Dogecoin был создан программистом из Портланда Билли Маркусом. Он хотел создать криптовалюту, которая была бы ближе к большей демографической группе, а также дистанцироваться от истории Биткойна, в частности связанной с продажей наркотиков. Dogecoin был основан на существующей криптовалюте Luckycoin, которая в свою очередь была основана на Litecoin, которая основана на Биткойне. Как и в Luckycoin, размер награды за каждый блок в Dogecoin устанавливалась случайным образом. В марте 2014 года это положение было изменено и размер награды...

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The list below shows exchangers sorted by the rate of exchanging Dogecoin to Perfect Money USD. The exchanger with the best rates is at the top of the list, exchangers with worse rates are listed below it. Choose the exchanger with the rate you need and click it to go to the site and exchange the money.

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If you cannot find how to exchange the money after you go to the...

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Bitcoin’s 21 million supply cap is one reason Bitcoin can’t work as a currency — says one adviser to the People’s Bank of China. However, he said, it can still be considered an asset.

Also read: Craig Wright Supercomputing Firm Liquidated by Australian Tax Authorities

Currency Must Have ‘Fundamental Attributes’

Reuters reported that PBOC adviser Sheng Songcheng made the comments in an interview with financial magazine Yicai on Thursday. The reasoning behind his viewpoint was:

“Bitcoin does not have the fundamental attributes needed to be a currency as it is a string of code generated by complex algorithms … But I do not deny that virtual currencies have technical value and are a type of asset.”

He also cited price volatility and the 21 million BTC cap, which will be complete in the year 2140, as other reasons. Such inflexibility meant Bitcoin could not meet modern economic development needs, which requires the money supply to be flexible...

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Dogecoin is a unique phenomenon in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. It’s barely six weeks old, and as I write this post its network has more computing power than any other cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin. It made headlines this weekend when its community raised enough money to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Sochi Winter Olympics.

From a technical standpoint, Dogecoin is essentially a branded clone of Litecoin (the second cryptocurrency in terms of total market value). Without a doubt one of the most important factors contributing to Dogecoin’s popularity is its community. The Dogecoin subreddit has almost 40k users right now. The front page usually has a good mix of humor, good will, finance, and technology. Check it out if you haven’t already.

There’s another more subtle factor that I believe plays in Dogecoin’s favor: its tiny value. One DOGE is worth about $0.0015 right now. In other words, one dollar buys you about 600-700 DOGE. Contrast that...

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Dogecoin is the new exciting digital currency that borrows from Bitcoin, the pioneer in the field. You can learn how to earn your own Dogecoin by using your computer to mine at home.

This course will show you exactly what you need, what you already have that you can use and how you can improve your mining rewards.

The course is structured with a series of lectures and easy to follow presentations. You should be ready to devote several hours to the learning process. Setting up your miners will take a little more time.

Once you have everything set up, the monitoring will not take much of your time. You'll learn about tuning and return on investment calculations. This will allow you to determine whether it would be rewarding to procure more equipment to mine even more Dogecoin, and make even more money from home.

Dogecoin is the new Internet currency. It has exploded from nothing in December, 2013 to a major...

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Thank you for visiting us in looking for “Make Money Dogecoin Exchange” online. technology because of the many benefits associated with that. This is why the new technology is about to alter the world from the way we see it now. Bitcoins opened the door through use of Blockchains as the first cryptocurency. Ethereum is widening the horizon in the field of smart contracts. It should be challenging to get more modest gains (~ 10%) throughout the day. Study how to read these Candlestick charts! And I discovered these two rules to be accurate: having modest gains is more rewarding than trying to resist up to the pinnacle. Most day traders follow Candlestick, so it’s better to take a look at novels than wait for order confirmation when you think the cost is going down. Secondly, there’s more volatility and compensation in currencies that never have made it to the profitability of sites like Coinwarz.

Make Money Dogecoin Exchange – Bitcoin – Your Coin for The...

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Readers Question: I’d like to ask you about routine ways (apart from so called “printing new money”) by which the total volume of money in economy grows.

Governments or central banks “print new money” apparently only rarely, but given the fact of almost persistent inflation throughout decades, the total volume of money in the economy must grow persistently and significantly anyway.

If a central bank lends money, does it (in normal circumstances) always only turn the central bank’s cash into central bank’s (loan) debtors? Is it really absolutely unusual that by giving a new loan a central bank at the same time also increases its assets and capital (i.e. makes a capital injection into its cash, increasing that way its cash rather than using only its old cash to give a new loan)?

Also, when we are talking about “printing new money”, does it only mean issuing new money for the government expenses rather than only for the central bank’s loans, new money being issued...

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Tim Swanson is an educator, researcher and the author of 'Great Wall of Numbers: Business Opportunities and Challenges in China'. Here, he explores the mining systems of dogecoin and litecoin to show how the dogecoin economy can thrive.

The key ingredient to the success of any decentralized public ledger, such as bitcoin, is incentivizing its transactional network to simultaneously secure the network from attackers and process transactions.

In the case of bitcoin, and in the case of virtually all other cryptocurrencies, this incentivization process is handled through seigniorage. Every 10 minutes (or 2.5 minutes for litecoin, or one minute for dogecoin) a fixed amount of bitcoins is paid to the labor force called “miners.” These miners are computational systems that perform never-ending mathematical calculations dubbed hashing. This hashing in turn creates security for the network; so as long as more than 50% of the hashrate is maintained by “good” systems,...

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The U.S. money supply comprises currency—dollar bills and coins issued by the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Treasury—and various kinds of deposits held by the public at commercial banks and other depository institutions such as thrifts and credit unions. On June 30, 2004, the money supply, measured as the sum of currency and checking account deposits, totaled $1,333 billion. Including some types of savings deposits, the money supply totaled $6,275 billion. An even broader measure totaled $9,275 billion.

These measures correspond to three definitions of money that the Federal Reserve uses: M1, a narrow measure of money’s function as a medium of exchange; M2, a broader measure that also reflects money’s function as a store of value; and M3, a still broader measure that...

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Central banks use several different methods to increase (or decrease) the amount of money in the banking system. These actions are referred to as monetary policy. While the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) could print paper currency at its discretion in an effort to increase the amount of money in the economy, this is not the measure used. Here are three methods the Fed uses in order to inject (or withdraw) money from the economy:

The Fed can influence the money supply by modifying reserve requirements, which is the amount of funds banks must hold against deposits in bank accounts. By lowering the reserve requirements, banks are able loan more money, which increases the overall supply of money in the economy. Conversely, by raising the banks' reserve requirements, the Fed is able to decrease the size of the money supply. The Fed can also alter the money supply by changing short-term interest rates. By lowering (or raising) the discount rate that banks pay on short-term loans...
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