How does Dash achieve anonymity without centralisation?


TL;DR yes, it's still decentralized, no it isn't perfectly anonymous.

From the Darkcoin (now Dash) Wikipedia: "It adds privacy to transactions by combining identical inputs from multiple users into a single transaction with several outputs. Due to the identical inputs, transactions usually cannot be directly traced, obfuscating the flow of funds." The nodes who perform this "mixing" are called Masternodes, and operate on a decentralized ledger.These nodes are trustless and do not have complete knowledge of input/output

In order to prevent Sybil attack, the masternode tier requires colateral of 1000 Dash to run. This makes the cost of attack very big. In this whitepaper is a lot more information for interested...

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To answer your questions:

1&3) Mixing could be faster if there were more people doing it. That is the answer to question #3, which is why people vote for liquidity. It essentially just ensures there are people mixing. Since mixing in Dash is an opt-in process imagine you were the only person at a time that wanted to mix. There would be no one available to mix and the process would stall. So, you need people who want to mix in about the same time as you. That is what the liquidity providers provide. Mixing is more effective the higher number of participants exist in the process. One failure of Dash anonymity is that few people mix since it is opt-in process and not on by default. It is not on by default because it is cumbersome and costly in its current implementation.

2) Not as things are now and if they could be used it would not really help much.

4) Yes, a cryptographic solution which is what Shadowcash and Monero provide. A mixing solution is based on Trust. Trust...

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Greetings, Wilders. I’d be enormously grateful if any of you could help me solve a problem which I’ve futilely spent a lot of time on in a quest that is feeling increasingly quixotic; maybe my goal is just impossible. That’s very surprising to me, because all I’m trying to do is not reveal my actual physical location when I’m online or on the phone. Other privacy measures, like encrypting my data, also interest me, but my only focus right now is specifically protecting my geolocation.

Here’s what I see as the bottom line problem: To use the internet, you must use an IP address which is connected to your geolocation (even if the assigned IP address is at a different location, the ISP would still know your actual physical address). Further, to access many sites (even with a VPN), you must allow cookies/ javascript/etc., and these will often record your IP address.


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Usually main personal information such as photos and videos, email addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, home addresses, workplaces, and friend lists are non-existent in profiles on anonymous social networks. Sometimes, in fact, there are no profiles at all.

For example, in Whisper you can’t check anybody’s profile page. You just can go to your own profile to see everything you’ve posted and liked. You get push notifications on your device whenever somebody likes or replies to your post, which means that the app actually knows what device it should send a notification to even though it didn’t ask you to log in.

Registration without login

In some anonymous social networks, such as Whisper, the user isn’t required to log in, so we can’t get their name or email. To track anonymous users, we can generate a unique user_id or a token, that can be associated solely with a user’s device. This means that if a user accesses the app from another device, the app will generate...

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The introduction of Bitcoin to the world sparked a revolution of finance and economics. Bitcoin set money’s value free from government constraint. Now the value could be determined solely by the market. Instead of depending on centralized third parties for every financial transaction, people could inexpensively exchange value around the world and in a completely decentralized manner.

Bitcoin ushered in the age of truly digital cash.

Eric Sammons of the Saragossa Group gives an in-depth analysis of the original nature of digital currencies, the creation of Darkcoin, its evolution into Dash and the goals of its developers.

Sammons says:

“By creating an open-source money, Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, unlocked vast vistas for others to explore. Over the years many developers have taken up the challenge and built upon the foundation that is Bitcoin to solve many real-world problems. One such person is Evan Duffield.”

The importance of...

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As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream the idea of a way to cloak transactions are becoming less viable in some people’s opinions. There have been forum posts from community members detailing accounts being closed for using gambling services or making purchases on a darknet market. Consequently, some people have looked to the altcoin scene in hopes of a totally anonymous cryptocurrency.

Also read: How ‘Bitcoin City’ Arnhem Signed Up Its 100th Merchant, Burger King

In the world of cryptocurrency, many believe fungibility is a very important aspect for the future of this technology. Because Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous and most coin shufflers require a third party, other altcoins are trying to fill the role of private zero-knowledge transactions.

Zcash: ‘All Coins Are Created Equal’

There’s been a lot of talk about a cryptocurrency called Zcash in the virtual money community. The founder of the untraceable digital currency, Zooko Wilcox, launched the public...

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Game Questions & Answers (Q&A) service lets you ask questions about video games for game consoles or PC games. So ask your Geometry Dash question for iPhone - iPad and get answers from real gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community.

Boxshot & Details

Developer: Robert TopalaPublisher: Robert TopalaGenre: Rhythm / MusicRelease: Aug 13, 2013ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

Answers (Closed)

When you click on the level, on the left you will see a gray head with no head. Click on that and then a box will open up when you can rate. The difficulty.

Answer from: Guest
Click on an online level then on the right you will see a thumbs up button a star and a face if you click on the face it will show you lots of other faces easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon click on which ever one you want

Answer from: Awesomepossum
When you click on the...

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BolehVPN is a proud supporter of Dash and grants a 10% discount to users who pay for our services using Dash.

As you know, we are a big fan of Dash, a privacy centric, anonymous and innovative digital currency that seeks to solve the drawbacks of Bitcoin. These improvements are achieved primarily through a layer of users hosting servers that provide services on top of Dash which are called masternodes.

Masternodes enable the following services:

InstantX (instant transactions). In contrast, Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes to confirm a payment. PrivacyProtect (anonymous transactions). In contrast, Bitcoin transactions are totally public and traceable. Only the identity of the addresses is anonymous. Dash Evolution (a decentralized payment processor (think a decentralized Paypal).)

Masternode users also have to put down a stake of their Dash (1000 Dash which at the time of writing is worth about USD4240.00) and temporarily locks it up to host a masternode. This...

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This article analyses how DarkSend works and will explain why there’s absolutely no good reason to use DASH for private transactions.

The cryptocurrency DASH (formerly known as Darkcoin, formerly known as XCoin) brands itself as a “Digital Cash”. When people promote DASH, they often claim that the PrivateSend (formerly know as DarkSend) feature makes DASH the “top contender in the realm of privacy coins”.

This recent steemit article by bravenewcoin is a perfect illustration of what I mean. There is zero critical thinking. Nobody seems to ask questions and do research. If there is no proof that these claims are correct, then it’s dangerous to use DASH in the first place. People who are not technically literate will use DASH while presuming that they are doing private transactions. They are exposed to some risky attack vectors, but think they are safe.

Let’s first look at how DASH describes the “Darksend” feature on their website:


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Bitcoin is often described as an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without giving any personally identifying information. However, achieving reasonable anonymity with Bitcoin can be quite complicated and perfect anonymity may be impossible.

Bitcoin is pseudonymous. Sending and receiving bitcoins is like writing under a pseudonym. If an author’s pseudonym is ever linked to their identity, everything they ever wrote under that pseudonym will now be linked to them. In Bitcoin, your pseudonym is the address to which you receive Bitcoin. Every transaction involving that address is stored forever in the blockchain. If your address is ever linked to your identity, every transaction will be linked to you.

In the original Satoshi whitepaper, it was recommended that Bitcoin users use a new address for each transaction to avoid the transactions being linked to a common owner. This would be the equivalent of writing many books under different...

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Amanda B. Johnson · June 23, 2016 · 5:00 am

All decentralized, blockchain-based networks are DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations — a fact not commonly discussed. But what precisely is a DAO, anyway? And is any form more effective than another?

Also read: Dash: The Original DAO

The current makeup and performance-to-date of Dash’s DAO is found in this video:

Dash: A More Sophisticated DAO?

A DAO can be summed up as an organization of people who communicate with each other via a “network protocol,” which is to say that they communicate with one another via a ruleset.

With this computer-communicated ruleset, two things can be achieved in a DAO: first, “consensus,” or an agreement upon what the rules should be; and second, the execution of said rules.

Bitcoin was the first DAO, and its participants are its miners. Its...

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Over the last month, the altcoins market has surged with Dash in the lead: in March, the altcoin has grown four times as high having eventually become the third most capitalized cryptocurrency. Then a correction followed, which is still on.

Dash Yesterday, or Magic Was Real

After a meteoric rise, Dash has lost more than a half of its achievements and gave way to Ripple as the world’s third most capitalized cryptocurrency. Now we could consider the situation calmly to understand what drove such an upsurge and subsequent fall.

It would be only logical to assume that Dash’s rise originates in PR campaigns, promotion activity, new payments cards and terminals and other things aimed at expanding the user base. This activity was discussed by Dash fans so extensively that the entire background turns out to be jammed, so one has hard time assessing the cryptocurrency objectively and reasonably.

It’s easy to understand the exalted newbies and seasoned Dash...

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Spectrecoin is a cryptocurrency launched on 20/11/2016 with a new concept for total security and anonymity on the blockchain which will be based on the Android platform. Spectrecoin’s main aim is small private remittances of money. investigates whether the new Spectrecoin provides the best anonymity and security compared to the existing competitors on the market.

Cryptocurrency’s most celebrated achievement is the ability to provide maximum anonymity and security in money transfers and transactions. The cryptocurrency market on November 20th received yet another “powerful” player: Spectrecoin. Spectrecoin is said to be the best in terms of security and anonymity. Let's examine this claim with the leading experts in the cryptocurrency world.

Does Spectrecoin provide the best security and anonymity as it claims?

Most cryptocurrency users, for one reason or another, want maximum security for their transaction, asked...

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Not all privacy-centric coins can deliver 100% privacy, untraceability, security, and fungibility in a 100% decentralized coin with a trustless setup. Here's what these attributes are and why they're important:

Private: Your finances are not visible to the public. A person looking at the coin's blockchain won't be able to see how much money you have. Untraceable: The coins can't be traced through blockchain analysis or blockchain monitoring. Secure: All transactions are encrypted and the wallet which holds your funds is encrypted. Fungible: All coins are equal and have the same value. Decentralized: All nodes (a node is a running instance of the coin's blockchain) of the network are equal. There is no superclass of nodes which have more influence or control over transactions or the system than other nodes.

Here is an analysis of the leading cryptocurriencies which feature anonymity and/or untraceability as their key differentiator. Bitcoin itself is not within the...

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