How to generate a valid bitcoin address for destroying bitcoins?


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Can I use multiple computers to generate bitcoin


. You can use as many computers as you like, all...

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Bitcoin Address Validator

Check a Bitcoin address for its validity. This tool will see if the given string of text is indeed a correct and valid Bitcoin address. This tool can come in handy when verifying an address before sending any Bitcoins to it.

Some key facts about valid Bitcoin addresses:

A Bitcoin address is between 25 and 34 characters long; the address always starts with a 1; an address can contain all alphanumeric characters, with the exceptions of 0, O, I, and l.

Now check your address by entering it below:


Understanding user-agent strings via Microsoft Developer Network In computing, a user agent is software (a software agent) that is acting on behalf of a user. For example, an email reader is a mail user agent, and in the , the term user agent refers to both end points of a communications session. In , the User-Agent string is often used for content negotiation, where the origin server selects suitable content...
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Looking For a Free Bitcoin Generator Hack? You Got It

Bitcoin Generator Hack is the #1 site to generate bitcoins to any address, instantly. We've gone through v1.0, v2.0 and are proud to present Bitcoin Generator hack tool v3.0 (updated for 2015). We've moved our tool from a free download to a web app that works in any browser and on any device. So now you can earn free bitcoins online from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and Windows phone.

What are Bitcoins and How Do They Work?

Over the past few years, you've probably seen, heard or read about Bitcoins, or BTC, somewhere. Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency that was created in 2008 and started growing in popularity in 2009. Its uniqueness lies in that it is a peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency - meaning users can create and send bitcoin to other users without any intermediary. It's popularity has grown so much in recent years that some of the biggest brands started accepting the...

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Generate Free Bitcoins for Your Wallet Instantly! Our Bitcoin Generator Online Makes Getting Bitcoins Quick and Easy

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android

How Many Bitcoins Would You Like To Generate? (More takes longer time)


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[NEWS]Update rules in the faucet!
Wednesday August 24, 2016

In this update, the rules of mybitscoin has been changed!

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If they understand?
For 30 satoshis you have 50% in chance.
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For 10.000...

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Find examples of how to build programs using Bitcoin.

The following guide aims to provide examples to help you start building Bitcoin-based applications. To make the best use of this document, you may want to install the current version of Bitcoin Core, either from source or from a pre-compiled executable.

Once installed, you’ll have access to three programs: bitcoind, bitcoin-qt, and bitcoin-cli.

bitcoin-qt provides a combination full Bitcoin peer and wallet frontend. From the Help menu, you can access a console where you can enter the RPC commands used throughout this document.

bitcoind is more useful for programming: it provides a full peer which you can interact with through RPCs to port 8332 (or 18332 for testnet).

bitcoin-cli allows you to send RPC commands to bitcoind from the command line. For example, bitcoin-cli help

All three programs get settings from bitcoin.conf in the Bitcoin application...

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Multisig on steroids using tree signatures


Technical details

Scaling up


Combining with Schnorr signatures




When we started off determining what consensus improvements we would incorporate in our Alpha sidechain, we had a relatively long list of ideas. However, several things didn’t make the cut due to time pressure or other reasons.

One of the changes that was included is the addition of a few simple opcodes[1] that used to exist in Bitcoin. One of them is OP_CAT, which concatenates two stack variables.

One that wasn’t included is Merkleized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST) for scripting. This is an idea that has been around for several years, but was also never implemented in Bitcoin. The basic idea is to rearrange the script’s conditions into a tree and to only reveal the part that is actually used by the spender. It would enable many large,...

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new 3.5 in-depth course:

Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized projects (Ethereum)


The goal of this video is to explain how Bitcoin works under the hood, to give a clearer idea of what it really means to own, send or “mine” Bitcoins.

New: Turkish translation by now available.

If, instead of how it works, you're looking for where to buy Bitcoin, I use coinbase. And for trading, check out bitcoin wealth alliance (both affiliate links).

What is Bitcoin at a high level?

First, a brief high-level overview of what Bitcoin is.

At its core, Bitcoin is just a digital file that lists accounts and money like a ledger. A copy of this file is maintained on every computer in the Bitcoin network. (update: you don't have to maintain a ledger just to use Bitcoin to send and receive money, this is for people who want to help maintain the system).

These numbers...
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Now, that whitepaper. The first two sentences of Satoshi’s abstract make clear the design objectives behind bitcoin.

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending.

It has been known for a long time (because it’s kinda obvious) that cryptographic signatures and public keys can be chain-linked to form an unforgeable record of transactions for, say, digital cash (or any ledger record for that matter). Crypto proof replaces the notary. Counterfeiting ledger assets is impossible, and theft or misappropriation cannot happen without gaining access to the asset owner’s private key.

But you still need an authoritative record of these transactions somewhere, like a database, or else there is no way to...

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