Questions on: identity

Each user of bitcoin need have at least one address to receive coins. I just created an address 18TGt8oGgLzkCpjxMbiRfvbDo9NqGisopp, which due to the properties of how it is generated, is presumed to be unique. If someone sends me any bitcoin they wil
One question I'm not able to properly answer when asked is How exactly the blockchain can verify the identity of the user without a centralized trusted party such as VeriSign? I know this is done in a decentralized way and the ECDSA algorithm should
I have seen various Proof of Identity Proposal that all required some degree of trust (to verify the person in physical possession of a Passport is also the owner of it for example). Have their been any proposals that are completely trustless? Is so
It has been one month since Icelandic cryptocurrency auroracoin launched its Airdrop allowing each and every citizen to claim their share of what the developer behind the coin hoped would be a financial revolution. In that time, less than 10% of the
He was probably referring to the payment protocol, which lets merchants (optionally) attach their online identity to payment requests, so customers can be assured they are actually paying who they think they are paying. The payment protocol leverages
And is it fair to place someone under scrutiny from the public because he or she did a noteworthy thing that served that very public? In short, seeking to unmask Satoshi’s real identity serves only a prurient interest. Responsible journalism ought to